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I love to experiment with different forms of communication attempting to capture the State of Colorado DTRS Simulcast system in my area. I am now ready to pass this SDR unit to the next radio enthusiast. Below is the description from the company. Asking $49 plus $10 USPS Priority Mail shipping. Will accept Friends and Family Paypal.

PATRIOTWAVES "DARK TOWER": This model has been reconfigured and provides two radio receivers in one unit. It utilizes two TCXO (Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillator) and Rafael Micro R820T2 chipsets. The two RTL Realtek RTL2832U demodulator circuits offer superb performance in the emergency frequency ranges. 25Mhz to approximately 1750Mhz. This unit is designed for use on LINUX, Windows XP, Vista, 7,8,10 OS's and includes phone support and online assistance.
The main focus of the Dark Tower is for Police, Fire, Military and Emergency Frequencies can be monitored via this frequency range spectrum. It can receive FM and other analog transmissions but also a variety of digital speech codecs such as P25 phase 1, DMR/MOTOTRBO, Provoice, NXDN, and X2-TDMA. These are the most common digital systems used by the government emergency, law enforcement and military communications. The Free software programs available can work in AM, FM, LSB, USB, CW, ECSS and DRM modes. This offers you the ability to add a simple inexpensive upconverter and receive additional lower band shortwave transmissions.
Since 911 FEMA has made an effort to consolidate and unify emergency services to a shared service known as APCO Project 25. The Dark Tower offers two radios in one unit designed for scanning multiple digital bands. Having the Dark Tower is a great emergency radio providing two radios in one unit. Great for use with DSDPlus, SDR Sharp, HDSDR and Unitrunker software.
This is the perfect unit for UNITRUNKER and DSDPLUS DIGITAL TRUNKING FROM CONTROL CHANNEL which requires two radios.
Also includes custom built box for BNC antenna connections.

The two RTL2832U demodulators are enclosed in a black iodized aluminum casing which acts as a heat sink and to protect circuits.
It is powered by a USB2.0 active data splitter cable.
It comes with two antennas. These are magnetic based adjustable telescoping antenna from 5-12 inches for most common police bands. It uses MCX male connector and can easily be adapted to connect to other antennas, or devices.
It now comes with a black flexible tripod with clamp for the radio and a iodized fan guard used for attaching antennas for a stable hold..

Disclaimer: RTL-SDR Software defined radio is a hobby product and requires some technical computer knowledge. It offers access to applications, many that are free to download from many vendors. Patriotwaves provides support for using the products to monitor local RF activity. It is the buyers responsibility to understand the nature and limitations of the products before purchase. This is not a plug and play product and it should be understood before making any purchase.


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