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** SOLD, thank you ** For sale is one used Kenwood TR-7950 2-meter mobile rig with great audio and a decent display. Kenwood quality. Excludes microphone, tone board, power cable, VHF antenna or 12V/13.8VDC power supply- only includes what’s show in the photos.
All front switches and keypad are in working condition and all segments on the LCD display work – only the “On The Air” red LED is out and possibly one of the two LED’s that illuminate the LCD are out; refer to photos. Great intermod filtering. RF signal LED’s work. Even the LED lamp above the keypad and by the dial are in working condition. Great transmit audio quality reports, and great strong receive audio. Measured power 5 Watts on LOW Power and 35 Watts on HIGH Power.
Has scratches on top of case and some spots on the bottom of the case- see the photos to see what I’m talking about. Usual “scratchy” volume control pot. There IS a NON-factory 2-position switch to SELECT either KEY or M.CH (thru the opening below the knob), but it’s buried in a-ways and you’ll need a stick or screwdriver to flip that switch; electrically works, but needs switch lever extended or replaced if you are going to be switching between the two setting regularly. There is no PL tone board in the unit.
No power connector cord supplied or microphone. So, unit is in used, but working condition with good audio reports on check-in; however, due to the age of this super-duper Kenwood rig and the possibility of someone not using a proper antenna, I will be selling it AS-IS, guaranteed NOT DOA. If you want more photos, or have questions, please let me know too.
Asking $50 OBO plus $23.00 Priority Mail shipping. Payment by USPS money order, Venmo or PayPal. I will ship this only to amateurs in the USA 48.
Contact me via message on RR or RadioReference P.M. please. Due to parts swappers, no returns accepted.
Please ask questions before you make your purchase.
Thanks and 73.
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