*SOLD* SDS100: Includes ProVoice+DMR+NXDN

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Update (2/28/21): The SDS100 has sold. I'm very thankful for the interest this has received, and so, so, grateful that the scanner is going to a radio enthusiast instead of my ex.
Update (2/27/21): a person has expressed interest and we're just finalizing the details now.

Hi Folks! I'm getting divorced and it's time to pay the lawyers. So I'm down to selling my SDS 100. It's very gently used, and in excellent condition. I've never actually used it out in the field, only in my office and at home.

This scanner includes all three optional upgrades that I purchased directly from Uniden (ProVoice, DMR, and NXDN). They're permanently installed on the scanner, but I'll also include the serial numbers from the Uniden website just in case.

I bought this guy from the Ham Radio Outlet in Phoenix, Arizona on November 2, 2019.

For the sweet and low price of only $650, you'll get:

1. The SDS100 handheld scanner. It includes the "upgraded" battery from Uniden. If you haven't heard the sordid story, early models of this scanner used to come with horrible batteries and a note in the box. The note said that eventually Uniden would release better batteries and you'd get a free one. This scanner is a newer one, and it already includes the better battery from Uniden! You win!

2. The antenna that came with the scanner.

3. The belt clip, so you can look super stylin' as you strut around town with your new SDS100 securely attached to your belt and/or suspenders, or garter belt, I guess?

4. The lanyard. If the belt clip doesn't do it for you, you can use the included lanyard to jauntily strap your SDS100 to your wrist. This is a proven winning strategies with the ladies. Warning: strategy may not work with the ladies.

5. You'll also get a nice mini-USB to micro-USB cable. You can use this with almost any phone charger to charge your new scanner. I don't remember if the scanner included a charging brick when I bought it. If it did, I don't have it anymore.

I don't have the original box, I'm sorry :( I don't have a working PayPal account anymore, so we'll have to work out some other payment method, like Cash App or something. Let's talk and figure out something that'll work for you and me.

If you're in Phoenix, I'm happy to come meet you and deliver the goods in person. If you're not in Phoenix, I'll ship this baby via USPS. Here are some photos of exactly what you'll get:



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