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Unication G5. Like New Condition. VHF/800

Want to sell
New other (see details)
Time left
I thought I did enough research, but I didn't.

I bought a new Unication G5 at the end of May, not realizing that it would not work on South Dakota's antiquated Smartzone 2 system. It only has about 3.5 hours use on it....which was monitoring Minnesota's ARMER system on the drive home from Minneapolis, where this was purchased. It worked great!
It is NEW - 3.5 hours. All normal accessories, screen protector still on, box, etc. Was purchased during the 5 year warranty promotion.

I was ripped off in May on here, so I will only take PayPal, and will only ship to the listed PayPal address. $675 OBO includes shipping in CONUS and PayPal fees.


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