Yaseu FT5DR Hand Held Radio

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I have had it about 10 days. It has never left my office. It's good as brand new. Everything that came with it is included plus the box and the plastic. I will include the oem charging cradle. I bought the RL software so I would be happy to use it to load your channels on it for you so when you turn the radio on it will be ready. I can make other setting changes in the software if you know what you want done otherwise the manual is very good. Gather the repeater, frequency files up on repeaterbook and use the export to RL file and send them to me. I will package very well, box in a box. Send me a label or include shipping cost in your payment with which service you want to use. UPS, USPS and Fedex are your choices from here. For payment use a postal money order. I will cash it at the post office and ship your package the same day whether you choose USPS or one of the others. Use 27103 to figure your shipping.

One other thought, I printed every manual they had and put it on 3 hole punched 28# bond laser paper. If you want them just ask me and you will need a 2.5"-3, 3 ring binder to hold them all.

I will mention this as well. I upgraded the firmware, what a convoluted mess. That is done and you have the latest firmware installed. There is a cable included, I assumed it was for programming. Now, I don't believe that for one second. Cable works great for firmware. They must have another cable for programming.

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I am going to remove it from sale. I will need a digital radio and this is as good as they come. I setup a wirex room and thought a handheld would be enough to operate the room. WRONG. You cant charge the battery while its in use. It was it use and then it shutdown even through the green light was on in the cradle. Its just not setup to do a 24/7
So I bought a mobile to replace it. Then it dawned on me I need something besides the donor radio, hence I will just use the FT5 radio I own until I get a third wirex mobile radio. This stuff is kinda (in theory) like crack. You need more and better everyday.


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