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Forum Rules and Guidelines - For threads regarding rules and guidelines for using the forums. If you post on these forums these threads are REQUIRED reading. No public posting is allowed here.

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Default Frequently Asked Administrative Questions

The purpose of this thread is to answer the most common questions related to post and/or user administration on the forums.

1) How do I change my username?
The site owner, Mr. Lindsay Blanton, is the only person who may do this. You must email him privately at webmaster @ Be ready to give a good reason why it needs to be changed. Generally usernames are changed because of an amateur radio callsign grant - or change - or you later decide your username should have not contained your true name. All else will undoubtedly be denied. Deactivating your account and creating a new account to circumvent this could possibly result in an infraction and/or having your User Title changed to reflect your old username.

2) How do I edit my post(s)?
Editing posts becomes disabled after two hours. Only immediately after you post can you edit it. Please note that some forums may have editing completely disabled. A word of warning: think twice before you post about your employer.

3) How do I delete my post(s) or thread(s)?
Report your post or one of the posts in the thread by clicking the at the upper right of the post and provide the reason for the request. If there are no posts to report, notify a moderator and provide a reason. The forum moderators are listed at the bottom of each forum. You may also contact a supermoderator (mikeoxlong, tonsoffun, KevinC) as they have global control of the forums. Please contact a forum moderator before contacting a supermoderator. Typically we do not delete posts that have had a sufficient number of replies as this would cause the thread to become disjointed. We also don't delete post(s) or thread(s) more than a few days old. Keep in mind that Google and other search engines index the site fairly often and chances are your post is now archived for all eternity. If your reason for having your post deleted is due to your job situation, please review this thread:

4) How do I add/edit my signature or avatar?
At the upper left of all pages is User CP. Please click it or the link I just provided. Animated avatars are not permitted and signatures containing profanity will be deleted.

5) How do I add/remove/edit my thread subscriptions?
You can edit these settings via your User CP (Control Panel). You have the option to set a default action when you subscribe to a thread. This can be set via Edit Options from the User CP. To modify subscribed forums visit the main page of yourUser CP.

6) I'm not seeing my post after I post it!
ALL NEW MEMBERS ARE MODERATED. Once a few posts are approved you are changed to a standard member and can post freely. This is done to stop spam and disruptive members. Please see

7) Why is my post count not increasing?
Creating a thread or replying to one in any forum within the Tavern category does not go towards your overall post count.

8) Can you delete my account?
We do not delete or remove accounts. Please refer to the TOS. If you no longer have a use for your account please do not use it anymore.

9) After I send a Private Message the message does not show as sent/is in my "Sent" folder.
The former default was to not turn on the Sent folder so your account has it turned off. Go to Your Control Panel; Settings and Options; Edit Options. Look for Private Messaging and then make sure this is checked: Save a copy of sent messages in my Sent Items folder by default.

10) If I'm logged in to the DB when I browse to the forums it shows me logged out (or I have to re-login to the DB after logging in to the forums
User authentication for the forums is completely separate from any other part of the domain. Logging in to the forums will not log you in anywhere else, and vice versa.

11) How do I get the amateur radio icon to show on my posts?
You need to add your callsign to your account profile here. Look for "Amateur Radio Callsign" under General Account Details and enter it in the box beneath it.

- --

When in doubt check your Forums User CP or your Account configuration for the main site!

If all else fails use SEARCH and choose this forum and/or the Forums Administration forum, or choose the link "Search this Forum" shown at the upper right of every forum.

For any additions please contact us. Thanks!
To contact me please use the forum email function as I do not accept Private Messages unless you're on my contact list.

All rules and guidelines are covered in this forum. These are required reading for new members and all existing should follow for any updates.

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