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DaveNF2G 07-11-2013 8:25 AM

Firefox trouble in forums
I should note up front that I do not believe this to be an RR problem. I am mentioning it here just so Lindsey et al are aware of it.

When I post a quick reply to a forum using the current revision of Firefox (22.0), the page goes into a constant reload mode. To stop it, I have to exit and restart the browser.

It appears to be an undesirable interaction between Firefox or one of its extensions or plugins and the software used to run the forums.

hpycmpr 07-11-2013 10:49 AM

I'm running Firefox 22.0 and this quick reply had no problems. Tried it 3 times. Maybe a particular plug in?


pgnsucks 07-11-2013 11:10 AM

I use to use FF all the time however the load times just became to much. Google chrome is what I use now as much as I do not like them gathering all the data that they do. However the lesser of 2 evils.

N4CYA 07-11-2013 11:52 AM


Try this...Click on help next to window then click troubleshoot information then it'll go to a different website look to the right where it shows reset Firefox click on that then it'll reset Firefox. I had this problem before and this option worked.

sprite1741 07-11-2013 6:12 PM

Toolbars and other malware will corrupt the Firefox config file. Do what N4CYA said and do the reset, just backup your passwords first. Your bookmarks should be ok but you can back them up as well. You will have to reinstall any Add-ons but that is easy. Same thing if Firefox loads slow on this or all websites. Even after you remove the malware or toolbar the config change problem will remain, but the reset will start you with a clean config file. Your malware and anti-virus will not detect a corrupted config file. BTW this forum loads just fine (and fast) on Firefox 22.0 here.

edmscan 07-11-2013 11:42 PM

I am running Firefox ver 22 ... and have experienced no problems here on RR.

WayneH 07-12-2013 12:35 AM

Rather than start over from scratch just disable extensions in groups and then narrow them down.

Or just restart with extensions disabled to rule them all out. No sense doing it the painful way first.

bear780ks 07-12-2013 3:00 AM

For me So far.. Its Working
I'm not having issues as of yet on F.F. i got updated to 22.0 just before i came on here to post i was on Chrome when i came across the thread and thought i'd see how it would do for me).

But when i Depart from either browser i clear out all of my History for that Day i'm on and then i go to CC cleaner and Run it as Well so far doing this patter for the Last 3 to 4 has done rather well..

jfhtm350 09-03-2013 7:49 PM

I started using FF at version 19.0 and have had no trouble here.

I cant see using Google's web browser since they are the biggest tracking comapany out there.

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