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GMRS / FRS - Discussions related to GMRS (General Mobile Radio Service) and FRS (Family Radio Service) communications

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Old 12-22-2017, 6:11 PM
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Originally Posted by KA9JYO View Post
Crew member radio was probably analog.
It was...HYT analog 450 MHz or so, which is weird since they had DMR on board. Either way, the DTRs outperformed my 70cm DMR radios hands down as well. 900 MHz is a wonderful thing on ships.
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Old 12-22-2017, 7:43 PM
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I've had a Phillips cassette outperform a digital DAT on a critical orchestra recording....

Originally Posted by jonwienke View Post
And cassette tapes are always better than CDs!
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Old 12-23-2017, 12:22 AM
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Originally Posted by n1das View Post
It's the combination of 900MHz, VSELP digital (8-level FSK), and FHSS that is amazing and enables them to work so well. Motorola has a real gem of a product IMHO of which the technology has been very under-utilized and under-appreciated. They work amazingly well for their intended use.

With the addition of the DLR models (DLR1020 and DLR1060), Motorola appears to be committed to keeping the DTRs and DLRs on the market. The DTRs have been on the market for 10 years now and have hardly changed at all and still are current product and don't really need to change. The DTRs were ahead of their time 10 years ago. Amazing.
Here it is close to a year after getting my DTR650 radios. They are working EXCELLENT. My wife and I and a friend have used them more than our 4W commercial gear on GMRS for local on-site type simplex use. If we go on another cruise someday, we will most definitely be using the DTR radios. My wife and I use them around the house and when we are out shopping and doing other stuff. We use them more than GMRS/FRS for local on-site simplex type use.

I purposely kept my DTRs programmed close to the factory default settings so I can listen for other DTR and DLR traffic. DTRs and DLRs will work with each other when both are at their factory default settings. I suspect most users simply turn them on and use them as they come out of the box just like with GMRS/FRS bubble packs. No programming is required to use DTRs or DLRs as they come out of the box. I have monitored a little bit of traffic on a few public groups once in a while in my travels.

I set up a private talkgroup for my DTRs to operate in and also made it the home group. The home group feature causes the radio to automatically revert back to the home group after 30 seconds of inactivity if a radio was changed to a different talkgroup or private contact. I have talkgroup scan enabled so that my DTRs scan my private (home) group and the public groups I have enabled.

I have DTR public groups 1-6 enabled. Public groups 1-5 are enabled by default on frequency hop set #1 and I added a group with ID=6 to have Public groups 1-6. These groups map directly to channels 1-6 on frequency hop set #1 in the DLRs at their factory default programming.

Motorola has a gem of a product with the DTRs and DLRs.
David Sterrett
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