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cditty20 05-30-2011 12:10 PM

psr 800
hello im looking at getting the psr 800 and well i was wondering were some of you got yours at. i see radioshack dont have them yet and scanner master is kind of expensive compared to ebay or amazon. if i bought it from ebay or amazon di i still have the warranty on the product or no? also i cant really find whats actually comes with it if i would need a car power supply or not and i was wondering what clips people use or mounts in the vehicle. i have seen pro clip but dont know what holder to use since there isnt a specific holder for this scanner.
any info is great thanks cody.

IowaGuy1603 05-30-2011 12:27 PM


cditty20 05-30-2011 12:38 PM


Originally Posted by IowaGuy1603 (Post 1547541)

thats what im thinking. it still has the warranty so im thinking ebay that buy it now button keeps looking better!

mshowman 05-30-2011 1:09 PM

It's going to be about $450 new at most retail sites. Scannermaster tends to have high shipping rates so I tend to go with for radio stuff, which currently has free shipping on the 800.

In the box you get the scanner, antenna, USB cable, software, and belt clip. If you are going to be listening to digital 800mhz systems, I highly recommend getting the 800Mhz flexible antenna from Radio Shack as there is a definite improvement in reception using that over the stock antenna.

It's pure USB so if you want to power it in a car you will need a cigarette plug to USB power adapter which is $5 or so at various places. One thing to note is that if you use rechargeable (AA) batteries in it, it only charges them when it's turned off, and takes a long time to charge so I recommend taking the batteries out and charging them in a separate charger as needed.

IowaGuy1603 05-30-2011 3:23 PM


Originally Posted by cditty20 (Post 1547544)
thats what im thinking. it still has the warranty so im thinking ebay that buy it now button keeps looking better!

It's the best price you are going to find...............just make sure the seller is an established one with lots of activity................

N8DRC 05-30-2011 5:39 PM


Originally Posted by IowaGuy1603 (Post 1547541)

Picked mine up there a few weeks ago for $434.00 free shipping, he had 6 in stock at the time..

IowaGuy1603 05-30-2011 5:58 PM


Originally Posted by N8DRC (Post 1547670)
Picked mine up there a few weeks ago for $434.00 free shipping, he had 6 in stock at the time..

That's what I paid for mine with free shipping

jaspence 05-30-2011 6:14 PM

When I inquired at my local Radio Shack dealer, I was told that they were getting out of the scanner business. I haven't seen that in print, but the stock in my local stores would support that statement. They didn't even have any info on the RS version. Usually RS has a booth at the Dayton Hamvention with some great prices, but not this year. Last year I got a Pro-107 at about half list price at the Hamvention. This year I got the PSR-800 at Dayton for $420, and heard they went for even less until some dealers ran out Friday/Saturday.

brownlab 05-30-2011 9:41 PM

I only purchased a PRS 800 because I had to. I live in one of the few place using TDMA which the PRS 800 decodes. All in all, it is a really nice little radio. Light and compact and it runs on AA batteries (opposed some expensive rechargeable pack) and I have to say that it works very well. Since the models are fairly new I would not expect to find many used ones on eBay. Anyway for what is does, I think $450 is a pretty good price and I would not want to buy one used (or without a warranty) since my guess is that they are not cheap to fix. If you do not have a TDMA issue in your area, then there are plenty of good used desktop and potable scanners on eBay cheaper than the PRS 800. Good luck.

kcoleman 05-30-2011 10:45 PM

Bought mine from Universal Radio.

Here is the mount that I bought from Amazon earlier this year. I was using it with both the BC346XT and the PRO-107, the 800 fits in it very nicely as well. The amazon item number is B002YESWOQ
Good Luck,

W4KRR 06-01-2011 2:16 PM

The Panavise 777 Clip Caddy will hold any scanner (or two way radio) that has a belt clip or a swivel button type arrangement. You can mount it to your dashboard, or anywhere else, with peel and stick tape or screws, and they can be found for less than $10.

fmon 06-01-2011 3:18 PM

3 Attachment(s)
I got this SoundGate M2 from Amazon for 9 bucks. Order three for free shipping.

Last image is a permanent disk to press on back of scanner for mounting to the M2.

NDRADIONUT 06-04-2011 2:26 AM

Is it magnetic ???

CoolCat 06-04-2011 9:56 AM

The M2 mount is not magnetic, it is a swivel "button" type mount (functionally similar to the metal buttons on the back of the newer Uniden handhelds).

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