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k9rzz 09-04-2011 7:57 PM

Who did you work today?
I can't find a thread like this anywhere, and I don't think it belongs under "skip and prop", so let's see what the mods do with it.

Who did you work today? The local repeater while riding your bike? Super rare DX? or maybe just someone on 2m simplex?

I'm selling some radios for a friend of mine, so while making videos of them in action, I worked him on 6 meter FM (52.525Mhz simplex) while he was in his mobile, me running 10 watts into a long wire. Later, 6 meters opened up to the SE USA and heard stations from SC, GA, FL, *AND*, C6AFP/B from the Bahamas on 50.040Mhz. That beacon floored me because when I had my 5 element beam on the roof and practically lived on 6 meters, I never heard it. Now, with a little FT-690 and a random wire ... there it is! Amazing.

Who did you work today?

gewecke 09-04-2011 10:38 PM

I prefer to listen more than talk! :)


Skypilot007 09-04-2011 11:00 PM

Last Thursday I worked OE5TOP (Austria) from my QTH on 15m USB at 22:03z with 100 watts and a I-max 2000 verticle antenna.

N4UYV_Al 09-05-2011 4:26 PM

worked alot of european stations on 20 Saturday for their Field Day...

JeremyB 09-06-2011 5:14 AM

Had a packet contact over the ISS digipeater with KF7MYK on saturday

KE4NYV 09-06-2011 7:30 AM

I am always on APRS, so I'm always active. Last week I worked NASA Johnson Space Center, NASA Ames, NASA Marshall and NASA Kennedy Space Center on HF...but it was in the fed HF spectrum. Does that count? :D

kb8oiu 09-06-2011 10:26 AM

Fairly new to HF... Worked a few Colorado stations on 20m this weekend to help them out with their QSO party. I haven't done much DX, but have done a fair amount oof stateside 10-20 meter work with 100 watts and a wire antenna up about 25 feet.

editorabc 09-06-2011 10:33 AM

Just worked P49T in Aruba on 21.300 MHz....59 copy both ends...from Northern NJ.

k9rzz 09-17-2011 3:51 PM

Guess it's my turn again.

Worked a guy in the next town over on 10 cw this afternoon. I think he parks on 28.050 and calls CQ over and over while watching TV because I've worked him before on this freq. His 25 watts @ ~ 25 miles away sounded good, 579. Band was open but not -wide- open. Also heard PY1, NP3, W1, W3, and two beacons from Mexico a XE1 and a XE2.



Also heard some RTTY about 28,085 and a few guys on SSB but not many. LOTS OF FREE BANDERS.

Tuned across 15 meters and heard a lot of northern Europeans with a nice polar flutter. Very cool.

QRN from thunderstorms is finally down. Hopefully for good as fall approaches.

gewecke 09-17-2011 9:05 PM

I worked a balloon beacon on 446.000 mhz. / 103.5pl today at 56,000 ft. over peoria ill. during the peoria superfest. :cool:
They had a simplex repeater attached to it.


990adv 09-18-2011 10:05 AM

I worked that same balloon, my first, while mobile between Bloomington and Champaign. Headed home from the hamfest

gewecke 09-18-2011 10:33 PM


Originally Posted by 990adv (Post 1613852)
I worked that same balloon, my first, while mobile between Bloomington and Champaign. Headed home from the hamfest

Cool! I may have heard you then since you were in my area.


mm 09-19-2011 9:36 AM

10 meter ssb from oregon this weekend, QRP and a 2 element beam

The band was noisy with lots of QRN but still good conditions to south america and the south pacific

several of each call talked with throughout the weekend
PU, PY brazil
CE chile
HC ecuador
XE mexico

E51 in the south pacific

AA1LL 09-22-2011 10:03 PM

This thread is a great idea. Today I worked a guy in SC on 20m cw, and a guy in Denmark on 12m cw using 5 watts and a 13 foot crappie pole vertical with 2 radials. I was mobile (not under way) running 5 watts with a FT-817. The pole was sticking up out the rear window of my Jeep with the bottom resting on the arm rest. Great way to spend lunchtime, plus reducing the caloric intake.

73, Paul, AA1LL

k9rzz 09-26-2011 1:27 PM

Spun the dial across 10 meters last night at 0000z. I've never heard so much RTTY on this band, it was awesome. Must have been a contest going on. I also heard quite a bit of AM mode activity up around 29.0 Mhz. Statons from Lake Tahoe, Glendale, CA, and in the Mohave Desert. Some 11 meter clowns heard, but not too many this time.

I took notes as I scanned the beacon band. I haven't checked these against any list for accuracy, this is jus what I scribbled down:

28,166 XE2O/b EL05 5 watts
28,183 XE1RCS/b EK09
28,197 VE7MTY/B CN89
28,204 W6CF/b
28,203 K6LLR/b Laguna Beach
28,205 W9EFJ/b local to me
28,208 NB7A/b DM09 4 watts Reno
28,211 WB5DYG/b AZ
28,225 K6FRC/b4
28,229 ZL2MSU New Zealand!
28,244 WA6APQ/b Long Beach, CA
28,249 K8NDB DM22
28,250 K6FRC/b2
28,263 ???
28,265 N7SCQ/b
28,287 WI6J/b Bakersfield, CA DM05
28,296 KA7BGR CN82
28.300 K6FRC/b

elk2370bruce 09-27-2011 3:26 PM

Worked a British station, portable FP (St Pierre Miquelon) on 14.255 USB this morning. strong station (5-8) but with stronger adjacent QRN from the usual Central American stations that occupy 14.250. He's been on for several days and is a good QSO partner.

Did hear a DJ station on ten meters USB but was unable to work him.

elk2370bruce 09-29-2011 3:42 PM

Working 20 meter cw this morning. 5-9-9 to two Ukraine Stations, an Estonian and Netherlands. Liberia and Sengal were 5-7-8 and UAR 5-6-7. Not too bad for 100 watts into a homebrew fan dipole and a bug. XCVR is a used, but not abused, Icom 756 Pro II. Couple of German, Austrian, and British on 17 meters USB for some nice QSO's - well beynd the callsign, sign, name and QTH.

mm 09-30-2011 11:29 PM

10 meter SSB mobile, worked Japan today 5X3 to 5X7 and heard lots of strong JA's this evening , worked New Zealand and Cook Island this past tuesday 5x8 both ways.

10 SSB mobile this past weekend, worked Brazil and a Central American this past saturday and sunday plus numerous east coast stns on FM.

10 FM mobile this past saturday, worked Puerto Rico, worked Brazil, heard Morroco on FM but he was just to weak and in and out but still good condx from my mobile.

Worked the W2 repeater in NY on 29.62 sunday with a few watts and quarter wave, awesome condx on FM.

All directions coming in to NW Oregon today.

elk2370bruce 10-01-2011 3:13 PM

Had a contest QSO around 0805Z with Australia with 5-9 received and 5-8 sent. Got him on first call. 14.225 USB. 20 meter CW contacts with South Africa, Argentina, Chile, and Brazil. All solid copy with minor QRM. had several domestic QSO's on 17 plus Germany.

k9rzz 10-02-2011 7:37 PM

Was tuning around on 10 meters late this afternoon ~2100z.

Heard 3D2R working a huge pileup on 28,495khz, listening up 5. Thought to myself: " Hmmmm. Band is long today." Didn't hear a lot of stations, but did hear 3 beacons from Argentina for the first time ever. The old band keeps on giving!



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