All Scanners 1.jpg

All Scanners 1.jpg

Desktop before 18U rack
BCD536#4, BCD996P2#4, SDS200, BCD536#5, BCD996P2#3, RS PRO197, TRX2, BCD536#2 and beside coffee cup TRX1
Top Middle
BCD536HP#3, BCT15X, BCD996P2#2, BCD436#1, SDS100
Top Right
BCT15, BCT15X, BCT15, BCD536#1, BCD996P2#1, BC785D
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Your wife's gonna kick your keister if she ever finds out you have all this! :)
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My GF knows about all my stuff mounted right next to the bed. Cuz I'm a newsman it's on all night at low volume (why I could never tolerate the hum LOL) anyway, that's what love is about. Hahaha.
LOL. Mine didn't understand the importance of having more than one scanner until I explained it in a way she could, which was to have a sewing machine for each project. Now she understands and life is good... :)
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