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Starcom21 12-07-2010 6:55 PM

New Ameren 800 MHz P25 TRS
Sorry, forgot to post this to the forums.

AmerenMissouri (P25) Trunking System, St Louis Metro Area, Multi-State - Scanner Frequencies

Here are my news updates:

News Update Posted on 2010-12-07 15:50:14

2 AM - Noted another site on the air today, 2-002. Control channel of 856.3875, NAC of 00A, SysID of 00A, WACN 85343.

10 AM - pro96com detected 19 hits on voice channel 855.4875 but no radio or TG affiliations

11:30 AM - mulitiple hits of an open carrier on TG 1553, sounded like a simulcast of another system type. RID 10218. No voice or data heard.

2:43 Denied grant on TG 1553 by RID 10292.

3:00 PM SysID on both sites has changed to 010 and NAC on both sites are now 010 (instead of 00A)

News Update Posted on 2010-12-03 17:26:25

System still on air, now showing Tower Status as Connected and OK.
Voice channel of 857.1125 has received 1 hit. No RIDs or TGs detected.

Caseyville site has been modified in the last few months to add P25 emissions.

News Update Posted on 2010-11-22 17:04:54

Identified this new system today in central Madison County IL.

According to pro96com, the site is ST! (under status, Stale?) and in Site Trunking mode at this time.

Misc System Information

In the last year, Ameren has modified most of their (old UE) Missouri TRS license frequencies for P25 emissions.

12/7/10 - SysID has been changed to 010

Note: RRDB already has an 010 listed as Integrated Wireless Network (IWN) National Capital Region and
Joint National Capital Region (National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency)
Note that JNCR NGIA has a similar zone/site configuration (but the WACN is different)

System Frequencies
Red (c) are primary control channels | Blue (a) are alternate control channels | Site Map(s): FCC Callsigns RR Locations

SiteHexNameFreqs 2-0022-2St. Louis City855.48750856.23750c 3-0033-3Godfrey [Madison IL]854.36250c857.11250 3-9993-3E7Caseyville [St Clair]857.91250858.91250859.91250860.83750

System Talkgroups

List All in one table Show New Talkgroups

All Talkgroups

Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag 1553 611 D Simulast1553Simulcast Carrier Utilities

zzdiesel 12-08-2010 12:08 AM

Are there any changes in the Bakerville tower?

wb0wao 12-08-2010 11:24 AM

I have heard RID 10218 (portable) on the Cape tower before running radio checks All of the TRS maint. RID's that I have heard are 2xx series radios - either mobiles using 2xx or portables using 102xx. I have heard them sometimes going back and forth from portable to mobile checking the Cape tower.


Starcom21 12-10-2010 2:51 PM


Originally Posted by wb0wao (Post 1433330)
I have heard RID 10218 (portable) on the Cape tower before running radio checks All of the TRS maint. RID's that I have heard are 2xx series radios - either mobiles using 2xx or portables using 102xx. I have heard them sometimes going back and forth from portable to mobile checking the Cape tower.

Is this P25, do you have a site ID, cc and voice channels?

Starcom21 12-10-2010 2:52 PM

T2-002. 63 hits on voice channel 856.8375 today. RID 10288, 10292, 10294. TG 1553. Also, many 'Telephone'/'Queued' what appear to be Private Calls btwn the RIDs above and also 261144 and 263697.

SysID still showing 010.

"Other events"
10294 > 262144: invalid dialing
10294 > 0: telephone number is not authorized
0>9999995 (Group Voice Grant): the target group is not valid
ACK 10288 (Radio Check/Detach/Inhibit/Uninhibit


#This section is here for information only. With the exception
#of the Call Sign(s), This data is not Read back into the program at all.
System ID : 010
System Name :
WACN : 85343
Tower Number (Decimal): 202
Tower Number (Hex) : T0202
Tower Description : (null)
Control Capabilities : Data,Voice,Registration
Call Sign(s) :
Timestamp : Fri Dec 10 12:57:39 2010

#Format: Table ID,Base Freq,Spacing,Input Offset,Assumed/Confirmed,BandWidth,Slots

#Format: Channel,Usage,Frequency(/Slot),Input Frequency(/Slot),Hit Count

# Radio List for this system
# Format: RadioID(Decimal),Description,Lastseen(Unix),LastSe en(Human m/dd/yyyy),Text Color,BG Color
10288,"TG: 1553 DT: 12/10/10@6:39",1292004235,"12/10/2010 @ 10:03","#000000","#000000"
10292,"TG: 1553 DT: 12/10/10@7:23",1292006477,"12/10/2010 @ 10:41","#000000","#000000"
10294,"TG: 1553 DT: 12/10/10@7:41",1292010442,"12/10/2010 @ 11:47","#000000","#000000"

Starcom21 12-10-2010 3:07 PM

"Timestamp","Type","Channel","Frequency","TalkGrou p","TalkGroup Desc","RadioID","Radio Desc"
"12/10 08:15:12","Phone","00-0466","856.83750","","","10288","TG: 1553 DT: 12/10/10@6:39"
"12/10 08:19:27","Queued","","","262144","","10288","TG: 1553 DT: 12/10/10@6:39"
"12/10 08:19:29","Phone","00-0466","856.83750","","","10288","TG: 1553 DT: 12/10/10@6:39"
"12/10 08:19:29","Queued","",""," 0","","10288","TG: 1553 DT: 12/10/10@6:39"
"12/10 08:19:43","Queued","","","262144","","10288","TG: 1553 DT: 12/10/10@6:39"
"12/10 08:19:45","Phone","00-0466","856.83750","","","10288","TG: 1553 DT: 12/10/10@6:39"
"12/10 08:19:46","Queued","",""," 0","","10288","TG: 1553 DT: 12/10/10@6:39"
"12/10 08:19:49","Group","00-0466","856.83750"," 1553","T: 202 DT: 12/10/10@6:39","10288","TG: 1553 DT: 12/10/10@6:39"
"12/10 08:20:06","Queued","","","262144","","10288","TG: 1553 DT: 12/10/10@6:39"
"12/10 08:20:08","Phone","00-0466","856.83750","","","10288","TG: 1553 DT: 12/10/10@6:39"
"12/10 08:20:08","Queued","",""," 0","","10288","TG: 1553 DT: 12/10/10@6:39"
"12/10 08:20:32","Queued","","","262144","","10288","TG: 1553 DT: 12/10/10@6:39"
"12/10 08:20:34","Phone","00-0466","856.83750","","","10288","TG: 1553 DT: 12/10/10@6:39"
"12/10 08:20:34","Queued","",""," 0","","10288","TG: 1553 DT: 12/10/10@6:39"
"12/10 08:21:06","Queued","","","262144","","10288","TG: 1553 DT: 12/10/10@6:39"
"12/10 08:21:08","Phone","00-0466","856.83750","","","10288","TG: 1553 DT: 12/10/10@6:39"
"12/10 08:21:08","Queued","",""," 0","","10288","TG: 1553 DT: 12/10/10@6:39"
"12/10 08:21:18","Group","00-0466","856.83750"," 1553","T: 202 DT: 12/10/10@6:39","10288","TG: 1553 DT: 12/10/10@6:39"
"12/10 08:22:22","Queued","","","262144","","10288","TG: 1553 DT: 12/10/10@6:39"
"12/10 08:22:22","Phone","00-0466","856.83750","","","10288","TG: 1553 DT: 12/10/10@6:39"
"12/10 08:22:59","Queued","","","262144","","10288","TG: 1553 DT: 12/10/10@6:39"
"12/10 08:23:01","Phone","00-0466","856.83750","","","10288","TG: 1553 DT: 12/10/10@6:39"
"12/10 08:23:01","Queued","",""," 0","","10288","TG: 1553 DT: 12/10/10@6:39"
"12/10 08:23:36","Queued","","","262144","","10288","TG: 1553 DT: 12/10/10@6:39"
"12/10 08:23:39","Phone","00-0466","856.83750","","","10288","TG: 1553 DT: 12/10/10@6:39"
"12/10 08:23:39","Queued","",""," 0","","10288","TG: 1553 DT: 12/10/10@6:39"
"12/10 08:23:55","Queued","","","262144","","10288","TG: 1553 DT: 12/10/10@6:39"
"12/10 08:23:57","Phone","00-0466","856.83750","","","10288","TG: 1553 DT: 12/10/10@6:39"
"12/10 08:23:57","Queued","",""," 0","","10288","TG: 1553 DT: 12/10/10@6:39"
"12/10 08:27:02","Queued","","","262144","","10288","TG: 1553 DT: 12/10/10@6:39"
"12/10 08:27:04","Phone","00-0466","856.83750","","","10288","TG: 1553 DT: 12/10/10@6:39"
"12/10 08:27:04","Queued","",""," 0","","10288","TG: 1553 DT: 12/10/10@6:39"
"12/10 08:27:23","Queued","","","262144","","10288","TG: 1553 DT: 12/10/10@6:39"
"12/10 08:27:25","Phone","00-0466","856.83750","","","10288","TG: 1553 DT: 12/10/10@6:39"
"12/10 08:27:26","Queued","",""," 0","","10288","TG: 1553 DT: 12/10/10@6:39"
"12/10 08:27:48","Queued","","","262144","","10288","TG: 1553 DT: 12/10/10@6:39"
"12/10 08:27:50","Phone","00-0466","856.83750","","","10288","TG: 1553 DT: 12/10/10@6:39"
"12/10 08:27:50","Queued","",""," 0","","10288","TG: 1553 DT: 12/10/10@6:39"
"12/10 08:46:53","Queued","","","262144","","10288","TG: 1553 DT: 12/10/10@6:39"
"12/10 08:46:55","Phone","00-0466","856.83750","","","10288","TG: 1553 DT: 12/10/10@6:39"
"12/10 08:46:55","Queued","",""," 0","","10288","TG: 1553 DT: 12/10/10@6:39"
"12/10 08:48:06","Queued","","","262144","","10288","TG: 1553 DT: 12/10/10@6:39"
"12/10 08:48:08","Phone","00-0466","856.83750","","","10288","TG: 1553 DT: 12/10/10@6:39"
"12/10 08:48:09","Queued","",""," 0","","10288","TG: 1553 DT: 12/10/10@6:39"
"12/10 08:48:48","Queued","","","262144","","10288","TG: 1553 DT: 12/10/10@6:39"
"12/10 08:48:50","Phone","00-0466","856.83750","","","10288","TG: 1553 DT: 12/10/10@6:39"
"12/10 08:48:50","Queued","",""," 0","","10288","TG: 1553 DT: 12/10/10@6:39"
"12/10 08:49:38","Queued","","","262144","","10288","TG: 1553 DT: 12/10/10@6:39"
"12/10 08:49:40","Phone","00-0466","856.83750","","","10288","TG: 1553 DT: 12/10/10@6:39"
"12/10 08:49:40","Queued","",""," 0","","10288","TG: 1553 DT: 12/10/10@6:39"
"12/10 08:50:18","Queued","","","262144","","10288","TG: 1553 DT: 12/10/10@6:39"
"12/10 08:50:20","Phone","00-0466","856.83750","","","10288","TG: 1553 DT: 12/10/10@6:39"
"12/10 08:50:20","Queued","",""," 0","","10288","TG: 1553 DT: 12/10/10@6:39"
"12/10 08:50:23","Group","00-0466","856.83750"," 1553","T: 202 DT: 12/10/10@6:39","10288","TG: 1553 DT: 12/10/10@6:39"
"12/10 08:50:37","Queued","","","262144","","10288","TG: 1553 DT: 12/10/10@6:39"
"12/10 08:50:39","Phone","00-0466","856.83750","","","10288","TG: 1553 DT: 12/10/10@6:39"
"12/10 08:50:39","Queued","",""," 0","","10288","TG: 1553 DT: 12/10/10@6:39"
"12/10 09:00:11","Group","00-0466","856.83750"," 1553","T: 202 DT: 12/10/10@6:39","10294","TG: 1553 DT: 12/10/10@7:41"
"12/10 09:00:15","Group","00-0466","856.83750"," 1553","T: 202 DT: 12/10/10@6:39","10294","TG: 1553 DT: 12/10/10@7:41"
"12/10 09:00:25","Queued","","","262144","","10294","TG: 1553 DT: 12/10/10@7:41"
"12/10 09:00:27","Phone","00-0466","856.83750","","","10294","TG: 1553 DT: 12/10/10@7:41"
"12/10 09:00:27","Queued","",""," 0","","10294","TG: 1553 DT: 12/10/10@7:41"
"12/10 09:00:53","Queued","","","262144","","10294","TG: 1553 DT: 12/10/10@7:41"
"12/10 09:00:55","Phone","00-0466","856.83750","","","10294","TG: 1553 DT: 12/10/10@7:41"
"12/10 09:00:55","Queued","",""," 0","","10294","TG: 1553 DT: 12/10/10@7:41"
"12/10 09:01:00","Group","00-0466","856.83750"," 1553","T: 202 DT: 12/10/10@6:39","10294","TG: 1553 DT: 12/10/10@7:41"
"12/10 09:01:06","Queued","","","262144","","10294","TG: 1553 DT: 12/10/10@7:41"
"12/10 09:01:08","Phone","00-0466","856.83750","","","10294","TG: 1553 DT: 12/10/10@7:41"
"12/10 09:01:08","Queued","",""," 0","","10294","TG: 1553 DT: 12/10/10@7:41"
"12/10 09:01:11","Group","00-0466","856.83750"," 1553","T: 202 DT: 12/10/10@6:39","10294","TG: 1553 DT: 12/10/10@7:41"
"12/10 09:02:05","Group","00-0466","856.83750"," 1553","T: 202 DT: 12/10/10@6:39","10294","TG: 1553 DT: 12/10/10@7:41"
"12/10 09:02:30","Queued","","","262144","","10294","TG: 1553 DT: 12/10/10@7:41"
"12/10 09:02:32","Phone","00-0466","856.83750","","","10294","TG: 1553 DT: 12/10/10@7:41"
"12/10 09:02:32","Queued","",""," 0","","10294","TG: 1553 DT: 12/10/10@7:41"
"12/10 09:02:36","Group","00-0466","856.83750"," 1553","T: 202 DT: 12/10/10@6:39","10294","TG: 1553 DT: 12/10/10@7:41"
"12/10 09:02:53","Group","00-0466","856.83750"," 1553","T: 202 DT: 12/10/10@6:39","10294","TG: 1553 DT: 12/10/10@7:41"
"12/10 09:03:03","Queued","","","262144","","10294","TG: 1553 DT: 12/10/10@7:41"
"12/10 09:03:05","Phone","00-0466","856.83750","","","10294","TG: 1553 DT: 12/10/10@7:41"
"12/10 09:03:06","Queued","",""," 0","","10294","TG: 1553 DT: 12/10/10@7:41"
"12/10 09:04:47","Queued","","","262144","","10288","TG: 1553 DT: 12/10/10@6:39"
"12/10 09:04:49","Phone","00-0466","856.83750","","","10288","TG: 1553 DT: 12/10/10@6:39"
"12/10 09:04:50","Queued","",""," 0","","10288","TG: 1553 DT: 12/10/10@6:39"
"12/10 09:05:46","Queued","","","262144","","10288","TG: 1553 DT: 12/10/10@6:39"
"12/10 09:05:48","Phone","00-0466","856.83750","","","10288","TG: 1553 DT: 12/10/10@6:39"
"12/10 09:05:48","Queued","",""," 0","","10288","TG: 1553 DT: 12/10/10@6:39"
"12/10 09:23:47","Group","00-0466","856.83750"," 1553","T: 202 DT: 12/10/10@6:39","10288","TG: 1553 DT: 12/10/10@6:39"
"12/10 09:26:48","Group","00-0466","856.83750"," 1553","T: 202 DT: 12/10/10@6:39","10292","TG: 1553 DT: 12/10/10@7:23"
"12/10 09:27:19","Group","00-0466","856.83750"," 1553","T: 202 DT: 12/10/10@6:39","10292","TG: 1553 DT: 12/10/10@7:23"
"12/10 09:28:19","Group","00-0466","856.83750"," 1553","T: 202 DT: 12/10/10@6:39","10288","TG: 1553 DT: 12/10/10@6:39"
"12/10 09:28:25","Private","00-0466","856.83750","10294","TG: 1553 DT: 12/10/10@7:41","10288","TG: 1553 DT: 12/10/10@6:39"
"12/10 09:28:27","Private","00-0466","856.83750","10288","TG: 1553 DT: 12/10/10@6:39","10294","TG: 1553 DT: 12/10/10@7:41"
"12/10 10:22:00","Group","00-0466","856.83750"," 1553","T: 202 DT: 12/10/10@6:39","10292","TG: 1553 DT: 12/10/10@7:23"
"12/10 10:41:17","Group","00-0466","856.83750"," 1553","T: 202 DT: 12/10/10@6:39","10292","TG: 1553 DT: 12/10/10@7:23"

wb0wao 12-11-2010 10:57 AM


Originally Posted by Starcom21 (Post 1434716)
Is this P25, do you have a site ID, cc and voice channels?

No, they are still running analog down here - for now. I did notice that many of the mobiles have two 800 MHz antennas on them now.

kruser 02-19-2011 9:50 AM

Hey Terry,

I think your guess that site 6-006 is located at the Creve Coeur location is correct.
I compare signals from the CC Edacs tower and they are the same as the new P25 signals. I can hear the P25 site with no antenna just like I can hear the Edacs Creve Coeur signal.
I'm about 2 miles west of 270 and I think the tower is about 2 miles East of 270 whcih would make it about 4 miles away yet the signal level here from that tower is always superb.
I've been watching the site with pro96com but nothing much to report regarding system activity. I did hear someone calling for someone the other day while out of the room but I did not have anything logging at the time so no idea what id it was.
I can also copy all the other sites you have identified with a useable signal but a directional antenna is needed so I'll likely just monitor the Creve Coeur tower for new activity. I'll post back if I start seeing any new activity out here.

zzdiesel 07-15-2012 2:22 PM

Have they switched to the P25 yet or are they simulcasting?

kruser 07-15-2012 3:39 PM


Originally Posted by zzdiesel (Post 1785791)
Have they switched to the P25 yet or are they simulcasting?

Up here, I'm hearing much more activity on the P25 system. Every once in a while, a group of guys will come up on the old edacs system with no simulcast to the P25 system found.
It's been a week or more since I've really monitored them but the security talkgroups were still active on the edacs system only for the Creve Coeur site.

I generally have only been monitoring the creve couer site so I can't say what is up with the other sites.

My thoughts are that they have most radios switched over to the new P25 system judging by the higher activity on P25 system. The edacs site may still be in use for rural crews that may come into the area to help out but still have the old radios. It's really a mix of both systems here with some talkgroups simulcast on edacs and some are P25 or Edacs only.

While typing this, I put in the Creve Couer P25 and Edacs sites and heard one of the security talkgroups on edacs only. Then a line tech came on and was simulcast on the edacs and the P25 creve couer sites. So it looks like they are still simulcasting from edacs to P25. At least for the Creve Couer sites. The simulcast talkgroup I caught was 00-043 on the Edacs site and it showed up as 17 on the P25 site. I show that as South City for the Edacs site.
Not much activity going on today for Ameren it seems.

With as many sites and the large area they cover, it must be a bear swapping them from edacs to P25. Must be a very expensive project also.

zzdiesel 07-15-2012 3:48 PM

Thanks. I only monitor the Bakerville tower. I switched it over to P25 and I haven't heard anything yet.

kruser 07-15-2012 4:16 PM

Yep, if the info for the P25 system is correct here at RR, it looks like they have a long way to go before they switch everything over to P25.
I see many of the sites listed under the p25 page show no active control channels yet.

What they did here for the creve coeur site was remove one channel from the edacs site and it became a p25 control channel. Then they did the same for other frequencies as the p25 system started showing activity.

I still have all seven or eight original channels of the edacs site on a 996XT so I guess I should watch them and see which are still used for edacs and which are p25.

If you manually enter the four Bakerville freqs in, do you only hear the edacs control channel or do you also find one that is carrying P25 CC data?

zzdiesel 07-15-2012 4:37 PM

kruser, I'm not that techie to know the difference. I deleted the the edacs system and put in the P25 system. I added all 4 freqs.

kruser 07-20-2012 12:31 AM


Originally Posted by Starcom21 (Post 1434716)

I've found two P25 simulcast matches from the old Ameren Edacs sites over to the STL City (Chouteau) P25 site 002 only. I hear these security talkgroups on several of the old Edacs sites but they are only being simulcast out of the P25 site 002.

They are both tagged as Security talkgroups on the Edacs system.

One is Edacs talkgroup 12-085 ("Security N1" alpha tag or "Security N1 - Nights" description) on the Edacs sites and it is showing as talkgroup 1605 on the 002 P25 site only which currently has a text description of Ops 1605. So "Ops 1605" on the P25 system can be changed to match the Edacs alpha tag above.

The other is Edacs talkgroup 12-102 ("Security" for both the alpha tag and description fields) on the Edacs sites. It is also being simulcast on the P25 site 002 only as talkgroup 1618 which has a description of Ops1618. So "Ops1618" on the P25 system can be changed to match the Edacs alpha tag above.

zzdiesel 10-11-2012 6:29 PM

I made an Ameren P25 system with the Bakerville tower on my Pro-197 and never hear anything on it.

kruser 10-11-2012 6:58 PM


Originally Posted by zzdiesel (Post 1834890)
I made an Ameren P25 system with the Bakerville tower on my Pro-197 and never hear anything on it.

Are you getting a control channel?
The database shows nothing confirmed at all for that site yet other than the assumed frequencies. No control channel listed.

Things seem to have slowed down for Ameren's migration to the P25 system or nobody is submitting any updated info.

My guess is that site is still in the planning stages unless you are indeed getting a control channel. If so, please submit it!

Around St. Louis here, they are still using the Edacs and the new P25 systems with no real changes now for well over two months.
Maybe they ran out of resources for now and the P25 system is on hold as nothing seems to be changing.

Is there a Bakerville Edacs site? I'd plug that in and if you hear activity on it, that is a sign they are still using Edacs in that area.
I've never had the time to travel around and see how busy some of Ameren's more rural sites are for edacs or the P25 sites. I'd think they are pretty vacant until a storm comes through or they are in the area doing line maintenance or substation work. I'd still think the security talkgroups would come active in most areas though unless they do not run security like they do around this area. Around here they have security staff that checks in often from the various sub-stations and related buildings. Many nights that is all I hear.

If you are not getting a control channel, that is a sure sign the P25 site is not online yet! I also see they reuse their edacs frequencies for the P25 sites. I've already had a GRE type radio indicate a CC only to find out it was being triggered by an Edacs CC and not P25 CC like I thought.
They had both systems running on the Creve Couer site here with different frequencies for each type of control channel but some of the voice channels could be shared by each system. Not sure how that worked unless the site controllers could tell if a voice channel was being used by the other system so it would not assign a P25 user to an Edacs channel that a user was talking on at the moment.
I'd estimate both systems are almost evenly used here still. Some of the P25 talk was also simulcast over on the Edacs system but I do not notice that as often today. Security is still broadcast here over the St. Louis City P25 site and the Creve Couer Edacs site at the same time. No security talkgroup is heard on the P25 Creve Couer site. I think I did see a new security talkgroup get posted the other day though so maybe things are changing again.

Ameren has always had a very wide coverage radio system even with the Edacs sites. It would put to shame many statewide systems being installed today. They had coverage over much of Missouri, and a good part of Illinois and up into Iowa.
Of course MODOT's sites were also darn near a statewide system as well. And all with just a few repeaters scattered across the state! They use tones to bring up repeaters I think. I think the old statewide conservation repeater system was also setup much like Modot in that a ranger could bring up a network of repeaters and talk almost anywhere across the state if needed.
Kinda makes you wonder why the need to spend all the money on a new statewide system when they could darn near do it with what has been in operation for many a year.

edit: Sorry ZZ, I see you had deleted the Edacs site from your radio some months back. I'd put it back in and also put the P25 site in if you have the space for both. I'm sure the P25 site will come alive some day unless the do not meet whatever buildout deadline they have with the FCC.

zzdiesel 10-11-2012 7:07 PM

There is control channel noise on a channel on the Bakerville Tower. I haven't tried the Edacs setup sine I thought it changed over.

kruser 10-11-2012 7:47 PM


Originally Posted by zzdiesel (Post 1834907)
There is control channel noise on a channel on the Bakerville Tower. I haven't tried the Edacs setup sine I thought it changed over.

Do you still have the Pro-197? If so, hit the Tune button and enter in the frequency you hear the control channel noise and watch the display.
It should show some info which can be used to determine if it is P25 or Edacs still.

zzdiesel 10-14-2012 6:30 PM

I finally thought to change it back to Edacs in Win-500. They are coming in loud & clear again through the Bakerville Tower.

semo 12-08-2012 10:53 PM

I am picking up site 3201 on 858.4625. Unknown location.

#Format: TowerID,TowerIDHex,System ID,Channel,Frequency,Tower Name

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