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k9kop 12-06-2008 2:24 PM

HT1250 Radio Locked Issue
I have had this VHF 1250 for nearly 4 years and using it as my personal Radio during Patrol. With me in Law Enforcement I wanted the radio to be locked when turned on.. It would ask ENTER PASSWORD. I would enter my assigned password and then I would be locked in. I had it Password protected at powerup that way no one would find it if lost and transmit on my Departments freqs.

Anyway.. I actually left this radio for about an hour at a friends.. And apparently he took it and tried to figure out the password. According to Motorola it Locked the radio.. due to to many incorrect tries of the password, it locked it..

now the radio only says RADIO LOCKED and cannot get it to allow me to log in or anything..

I read the radio with my laptop with my RIB and software.. and tried to uncheck my password login and it will not write to radio nor allow me to unselect the disable password login at startup.

I have never seen this on this radio in the 4 years of me owning this.. My friend isnt into radio he has no clue about this stuff so I know he didnt nor would he ever try to have it programmed and with only an hour of the radio there wouldnt even be much time for issues to have happened..

I have tried pushing many buttons then turning power on to allow me to enter my password.. I have held nearly every combination of buttons I could think of trying to get into a menu.. the only thing it will allow me to do it put it in CLONE mode.. thats it.. otherwise screen says RADIO LOCKED..

also it does have a full DTMF pad also..
Thanks for all the help..
Hope someone has some info or help..

N2MWE 12-06-2008 7:50 PM

If nobody knows here, go to

w0web 12-06-2008 8:47 PM

I would try and call the big /\/\ @ (800) 814-0601 and ask for post sells support, I do have an account and have found them to be very helpful with radio support.
they asked for a copy of the codeplug to be sent to them and they sent it back corrected and all I needed to do was write it back to the radio ( all while I was on the phone with them)

gatekeep 12-06-2008 9:19 PM

Leave the radio turned on for 15 minutes. It should unlock and allow you to enter your password. If it does not unlock, then you have to, have the depot repair the radio.

k9kop 12-06-2008 11:38 PM

THanks for the replies.. I had the radio off for 15 minutes.. Same thing.. Says Radio Locked.. I will take it back to Moto shop see what they say this time.

Astrak 02-22-2011 11:30 AM


Originally Posted by k9kop (Post 942415)
THanks for the replies.. I had the radio off for 15 minutes.. Same thing.. Says Radio Locked.. I will take it back to Moto shop see what they say this time.

I think he was saying to leave it ON for 15 minutes.

XTS3000 02-22-2011 3:13 PM

There is a small coin cell battery in these radios. If it doens't come back to life after 15 minutes, replace the internal coin cell battery. With dead coin cell, the radios internal clock stops.

joetnymedic 02-24-2011 8:31 PM

did you ever fix your radio or did the shop have to do it?

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