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Fdnavy 09-12-2017 6:04 PM

Motorola 7500 Dispatch console
Is there a way to run to mics in one console. Our department is in the unfortunate process of handing off Dispatch operations to the PD. Right now if the PD dispatcher wants to talk to a fire unit he has to either change the select radio or use the touch screen to talk on the unselected channel. Is there a way to have two selected channels with two separate mics?

MCore25 09-12-2017 7:55 PM

That pretty much goes against all console logic…I'd say use the backup radio at the position as the I selected transmit.

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sfd119 09-13-2017 7:09 PM

What's the issue with talking on an unselected channel? I do it quite a bit. Otherwise you click on it and make it selected....

crazyboy 09-13-2017 8:25 PM

Time for new dispatchers if they can't manage this.

dpcain 09-16-2017 10:33 PM

Yeah they gotta just instant-transmit or change select. Instant transmit is the recommended method. There is no method in MCC7500 to have 2 select channels.

KK4NEF 09-19-2017 10:19 AM


Originally Posted by crazyboy (Post 2818055)
Time for new dispatchers if they can't manage this.

Or better training, although it is not a difficult task.

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