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drgensel 03-30-2014 5:55 PM

APD feed
Awesome move airing EVENT 1 on your feed so the protesters could monitor. No need to wonder why ALL traffic will be encrypted with the new system, Jones....I hope you had lots of hits on your feed.

APD Command Post "EVENT 1 has been compromised and they are monitoring our traffic, for officer safety meet at..."

ptolemy9200 03-30-2014 6:52 PM

wouldn't event one be considered a tac channel and aren't tac feeds prohibited?

I'd say the feed provider violated stream rules. Primary dispatch is that and anything falling under spc ops, ert, srt, narco, vice, task, event is considered a tactical talk group.

From my past experience seeing items labeled anyway on a actual mobile /portable dept line up.

drgensel 03-30-2014 11:43 PM

I have always supported streaming and the "privilege" to do it, now I am seeing some people are just too irresponsible to be trusted with that privilege.

W8RMH 03-31-2014 2:24 AM

From the Feed Provider Terms of Service :

Law Enforcement Feeds

Feed providers agree to ONLY broadcast routine dispatch and special events channels and talkgroups for law enforcement agencies.

I agree to NOT broadcast dedicated tactical, car-to-car, SWAT, narcotics, detectives or any other channels or talkgroups that are not routine dispatch or special events related.

In the feed providers defense he was following the rules.

Personally I do not stream any event channels due to the local practice of using them for tactical purposes.

Also - OP - you may want to read the sticky below:

The Forums - Announcements in Forum : Negative posts regarding encryption and audio streaming will now cease

ptolemy9200 03-31-2014 2:40 AM

Considering these things, recent shootings involving apd and media out to report every detail and twist it like a Wild West force plus the shooting some time back where bc so deputies and apd officers were shot I'd say tension is high for allot wanting the big E. I think allots fueling it and im sure the event deal will be another excuse to run E but not the sole reason. It's common knowledge they went with edacs bc "no scanner could hear them" however the part of a lpe200 or other series in future got left out to them. Plain and simple they wanted a secure closed system. My money says it'll be a all across board E. One must remember Albuquerque has had allot of gang issues and crime most the media don't report. Allot of narcotics are trafficked out of alb and go south as anything 100 miles from El Paso has heavy duty dhs cbp Chek points. Majority of the items go south from alb as there is no check points going south. It has a dark side many don't know but also a great side. We are in a time allot people are against law enf and every action is questioned making Leo's uncomfortable with those tpes following there move. Inevitably all police E will be a common thing as it is in Europe and Australia and Mexico. The hardware is included now and at fraction what it use to be in bulk contracts. Like they say if you got it use it. I do think its sad the hobby is dying for many. Majority of scanner users or hams are decent people and would help law out. But since apd is now under federal insight I'm sure like lapd transparency is something there thinking of and a clear dispatch channel would be a thought. But you never know. They could go route of leasing a radio to koat and others with limited talk groups leaving the public out.

W8RMH 03-31-2014 3:51 AM

APD is not the only department dealing with crime and gangs. Cincinnati had terrible public relations issues which resulted in rioting. With their new system they specifically left dispatch channels in-the-clear as not to hide anything from the public. Also many agencies officially stream their own channels on Broadcastify. From what I am seeing APD has more problems than just streaming, like shooting unarmed individuals. They have some public relations issues to deal with and hiding things from the taxpayers who are paying for your new radio system is not a good way to cure them.

bfperez 04-03-2014 12:19 PM

I really wish the protestors would get on board and begin using their own secure comms.

ptolemy9200 04-04-2014 7:08 PM

For those in the community who would like to know there will be a apd public concern deal in alb. Check koat for more info.

djones87401 04-05-2014 9:43 PM

Wow I guess I should jump on here a little more often. So I have always had the event channels in the feed as most the time they are used for events like state fair the balloon fiesta and so forth. I had no idea PD chose to use an event channel for the protest but never the less if they would have stayed peaceful then it would have been a very boring event for PD. 2nd APD has enough secure channels they could have just moved to one of them and off the event channel.

Let it be said that I 100% support APD and stand behind them. In no way at all do I wish or want to compromise the safety of our officers. They have a hard enough job to do. We can't judge there actions off a short video clip from a four hour stand off in one case. We don't have the right to judge them until we have walked in there shoes and done there job. With that said I still stand behind APD all the way. I am sure they know there feed is public and if they wanted to make it secure then they could have moved to another channel. I bet for that matter they know who I am and if there was an issue I am sure it would have been dealt with long ago.

Just my 2 cents

kirkyboy 05-07-2014 9:24 PM

Final word for listening to APD channels
So is the short version of the provoice encryption is that we cannot decode it ever?

abqscan 05-08-2014 5:04 PM


Originally Posted by kirkyboy (Post 2184767)
So is the short version of the provoice encryption is that we cannot decode it ever?

Provoice is not encryption. It is a proprietary type of digital signal that scanner's can not decode.

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