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Kryan51078 03-25-2018 11:16 AM

Can someone direct me in how to use repeater to extend the range of my baofeng uv-82 i can use chirp to program just donít know how to setup using local repeaters

N8IAA 03-25-2018 12:03 PM

Provided you are a licensed amateur radio operator, knowing the frequencies and CTCSS/DCS tones are the most important to getting the radio to access the repeaters. Also, you need to know if the repeaters are +/- on the input.
If there is a ham radio group near you, you should ask them for help.

jwt873 03-25-2018 4:23 PM

There are GMRS repeaters in some places as well..

A bit more information would help.. (Where you are, what repeaters you want to access, etc)..

Kryan51078 03-25-2018 6:48 PM

I’m in Manhattan KS. I was looking up repeaters in my area and seen one that covers a recent range, I believe the repeater was W0QQQ. Im in Manhattan Kansas if that helps. Riley county

jaspence 03-25-2018 6:56 PM

GMRS and some ham repeaters are not always open to everyone even if they have a license.

I_am_Alpha1 03-25-2018 10:55 PM

Try these sites. Listen and learn how they do things...but don't be afraid to put out your call sign.

K-Link Repeater Network – Clear Across Kansas

KC5AKB 03-26-2018 12:15 AM

Hi that is a club station that have a 2 meter and 440 mhz
Repeater .I would look up the Univ and talk to the club .
For info . You will need a license to use the machine
If you have your ham lic you are good to go one of the repeaters needs a tone to access it.
Welcome to the form.

KC5AKB 03-29-2018 12:02 AM

A random ham info site
I am not sure about the programming of the radio There are others that can help.
I think you have to put the input and output along with the tone but it has been a couple of years since I have eve seen a chirp screen . You tube might help..

KC5AKB 03-29-2018 3:16 AM

HAMBASH a KS hamfest a good place to look around an talk to a few vender for info and club members

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