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Northcountry 03-23-2007 10:12 PM

Traffic Stop code? What does it mean?
I listen mainly in St. Lawrence County. When listening to traffic stops I will often hear dispatch say "client has negative "SNR" what does this mean? I may not be getting it right but it could be:

S and R

anyone have any idea?

gralston73 03-23-2007 10:49 PM

Suspensions and Revocations

KE7JFF 03-24-2007 4:44 PM

Yup good ol' SNR. There's actually a guy with NY vanity plates around Albany that says "SNRTHIS"

Northcountry 03-25-2007 11:35 AM

LOL that is too much... PS what are "special files?"

6m171 03-25-2007 1:42 PM

A special file is basically a notation in the data. A lot of VIPs have special file notations in their DMV data. It's often used as a way to say "Hey, this is someone you want to leave alone."

studgeman 03-25-2007 7:36 PM

Special files usually refer to NYSP file codes. IE File 1, is a stolen Vehicle. NF2G has a whole list of different file codes on his website. go to frequencies, statewide and then click on State Police in the frequency list.

SCANdal 03-25-2007 9:17 PM

A doo-zee

Originally Posted by 6m171
A special file is basically a notation in the data. A lot of VIPs have special file notations in their DMV data. It's often used as a way to say "Hey, this is someone you want to leave alone."

? ! ? ! ?

6m171 03-25-2007 11:15 PM

I knew I missed something...

A special file could also identify an individual with active wants and/or warrants.

studgeman 03-26-2007 9:22 AM

Yeah thats a File 5 or File 6, One is a missing person, the other is wanted. I can never remember which one is which!

6m171 03-26-2007 10:42 AM

"File" is different from "special file". Some counties will add "special file" entries for CCW holders. Some jurisdictions will add "special file" notations for people who have been convicted of violent felonies or assaults against police officers. Some people have "special file" entries because of positions they hold in State or Federal government.

Signal-Zero 04-01-2007 9:02 PM

A File 5 is a wanted person, File 6 is a missing person.

I've never heard of special files attached to DMV data for VIP's, people in state or Fed gov't, etc. and I've been a NYSPIN Tac and Agency Instructor for years. Most state/fed and even local cars will either come back to the agency itself, a ficticuous business or just plain not on file (like most Feds do it). A POV used by one of the above will come back to that person and if they're smart, a PO Box instead of their home address. Some use the address of their agency, etc.

I did see a vanity plate in NY a few years back that said "NOTFILE5"

DaveNF2G 04-02-2007 11:51 AM

I knew a dispatcher whose plate was NYSPIN back in the early '80s.

SRLFD-613 04-02-2007 4:46 PM

if the plates are being used by specialized police units ie narcotics and undercover vice units will come back not on file and there will be a made up addy and name. or there will be a screen that will pop up on the dmv data screen that says contact supervisor or number above for information.

Spec 04-02-2007 6:50 PM

Plate checks
If it's a uc unit or other police unmarked unit with confidential plates is not supposed to alert anyone to that fact AND in turn it will notify the department that is from (should) that "their" plate was run and by what agency.

chaser915 04-03-2007 2:34 PM

while we are on a topic like this ...another term I sometimes hear is "sympathy hit".

Close as I can figure, is that its use and meaning may vary.

I asked a state trooper in one state what it meant and he said (paraphrasing) that they may be looking for a man that is 6'4", blonde hair with a scar on his right hand and the person stopped matches all descriptions but it turns out it is not the person they sought.

a city cop (different state) told me that it is exactly what it sounds like. maybe a person was stopped for speeding and has a clean license and they are let go with a verbal warning.

and yet a 3rd cop from yet another state said he'd never heard of it.

anybody else?

DaveNF2G 04-03-2007 9:20 PM

It's probably a "similarity" hit, not a sympathy hit.

Signal-Zero 04-03-2007 11:39 PM

We call them "association" hits.

Example...Officer runs John Doe, W/M with a DOB of 1/1/2007. Dispatcher gets a Wanted Persons hit on a Frank Doe, W/M with the same DOB.

Dispatcher will say "Showing an association on a white male, same last name, same dob, first name of Frank..." and then give descriptors, height, weight, eyes, hair, ssn, etc. to see if it may be the same person I have stopped.

Most agencies with unmarked units, whether they come back not on file, to a ficticious name/business, etc. will usually be flagged to alert the agency of who ran the plate, agency, date, time, etc. This is helpful in the event a "bad guy" has someone from a PD working for him too. Especially when you are conducting surveillance in queens and some agency in upstate NY runs your plate at around the same time. What's even funnier is listening to that person explain themselves when you are standing in the office with their Chief and IA.

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