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Bandre88 07-16-2012 3:06 PM

LTR Blad Mountain system
Is there anyway that the talk groups could be identified or updated in the RR database,

i listen to this system alot as i work around the county with DPW work and hauling and trips to the landfill and it helps to know who is who when there on the radio because there is alot of helpful information that comes from these guys like how long the line at the landfill is for instance.

just from monitoring i could notice that there are about 10 more talkgroups than that are listed in the Database.

captclint 07-16-2012 4:25 PM

Bald Mountain, Scranton LTR

Originally Posted by Bandre88 (Post 1786217)
Is there anyway that the talk groups could be identified or updated in the RR database,

I am the one who mapped the LCN numbers and provided the talk groups you see. It is quite a distance from me, so I stopped monitoring after I had most of the LCN's and what talk groups you see. I'm really glad to see someone is making use of my effort. Not too many people monitor LTR's.

You clearly have a vested interest and some knowledge about TGID's not listed. I assume you are using the Uniden IDsearch to get new talkgroups. I suggest you continue to monitor and identify talk groups and then submit them to the database. There is a submit button at the top of the system page. You can remain totally anonymous if that is a concern.

Do not feel you are only a novice. Identifying TGID's is very tedious and I was forced to listen to a lot of stuff I had no clue and was totally uninteresting. As long as you get the general usage, like Trash Hauler or snow plow, you have enough to submit. Since you already know a lot about some of the ones I put in, then please submit an update with better descriptions of who or what, . In addition, if you want to add new TGID's to your list you downloaded, you can do that manually or with software. You do not have to have them in our database to download.

I can guide you on your 1st submission if you want to PM me.

Bandre88 03-05-2013 6:14 AM

looks like Lackawanna county has some new FCC grants for licenses for Robert Conway I believe to be industrial electronics are they adding more frequencies to the existing LTR radio system or maybe there upgrading and setting up a new one?

im going to plug them in and see what I can find for LCN channels and TG ID's

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