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blantonl 06-13-2014 7:48 PM

Mercedes GL550 and Homepatrol HP-1 setup
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Here is a picture of my Homepatrol HP-1 with the RAM mount installed in a 2012 Mercedes GL550 along with an Escort 9500ix radar detector.

The HP-1 GPS receiver "dongle" is powered by the rear 12V power source and set up on top of the driver's left seat (behind the left ear) which provides a good view outside for GPS coverage.

We were supposed to leave this morning for a trip from Whitefish MT to San Antonio TX, with stops in Sheridan, WY and Amarillo, TX, but we were derailed by a failed tire which didn't make it to the 30K mile mark... :) We had to limp 150 miles back to Whitefish on a donut, and we now await new tires for about 3-5 days which significantly delays our trip.

I was looking forward to using this new RAM mount but I guess we'll have to wait until next week... :(

03msc 06-13-2014 8:59 PM

Thanks for sharing your setup, sir! It's great to see the head guy participating in the forums. Bummer about the tire, though. But at least it wasn't a major blowout that caused an accident or anything. Hope you get to make your trip soon!

By the way, what antenna setup are you running with the HP-1?

dmg1969 06-14-2014 5:59 AM

Mercedes GL550 and Homepatrol HP-1 setup
Very nice. I love the HP-1 for mobile. I don't have occasion to use a GPS with mine, but may indulge myself before my next long trip. I would also be curious about your antenna setup.

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radiomankc 06-14-2014 7:10 AM

Great setup but I few words of good advice.... I've got a 2014 GL550 so pretty familiar with the vehicle. The problem is that there are so many airbags in that car, your mounting options are limited..... And could become lethal if one were to deploy. A scanner or gps getting launched at you or a passenger at several hundred miles per hour could be lethal or catastrophic.

So I suggest you be very, very cautious in that vehicle with placement of equipment. If the gps is on the top of the drivers seat, the curtain and or seat airbag could easily embed that gps in you skull. So be careful my friend!

(A good lesson for all of us)

Dann 06-14-2014 8:40 AM

Nice setup. Enjoy the trip and be safe.

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