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slickwillyone 03-14-2010 6:03 PM

New to RCS South: (TGID 38883?)
Hello to anyone who can help answer a few questions,

I'm new to the RCS South Loop (CV, ELC, NATCTY, LMGRV, LAMESA, CHP, SDSO, SDPD, etc). I'm working with a BC250D-P25 and trying to dial in most useful TGID lists. I've been using the RR database and running in search mode and reviewing logs (PROSCAN 4.3) to find the most relevant/used TGID in the area. However, the RR database lists numerous TGID that seem inactive (e.g. CHP outside ELC) and does not have others that are very active (I can't find a reference to 38883 which is very active.) Does anyone have any intel on exactly what 38883 is and/or have some useful guidance on dialing in these areas? For example, is there a local Community Of Interest, forums, blogs, etc? Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

v/r, Slick

SDWolfman 03-14-2010 6:47 PM

Talkgroup 38883 is when talkgroup 38880 (CHP El Cajon Dispatch East, Resident) is being patched with another talkgroup.

D+0 Normal Talkgroup
ID+1 All Talkgroup
ID+2 Emergency
ID+3 Talkgroup patch to another
ID+4 Emergency Patch
ID+5 Emergency multi-group
ID+6 Not assigned
ID+7 Multi-select (initiated by dispatcher)
ID+8 DES Encryption talkgroup
ID+9 DES All Talkgroup
ID+10 DES Emergency
ID+11 DES Talkgroup patch
ID+12 DES Emergency Patch
ID+13 DES Emergency multi-group
ID+14 Not assigned
ID+15 Multi-select DES TG

Motorola Type II - The RadioReference Wiki

slickwillyone 03-14-2010 7:20 PM


Thanks for such a fast response. My owners manual is pretty skimpy on detail when it comes to status bits, but this clears everything up. Sorry this turned out to be a newbie question, and the help is much appreciated.

v/r, Slick

MtnBiker2005 03-15-2010 1:24 AM

Take a calculator.


You can validate talkgroups by dividing them by 16. If it divides evenly, that is a valid talkgroup ID. If it is not even, you have found a patch group. Every base talkgroup WILL divide even by 16. Motorola radios are programmed with HEX numbers and are HEX based. Hex is a 16 base counting system.

slickwillyone 03-18-2010 11:07 PM


This is great info and makes perfect sense for a HEX based system being offset by multiples of 16. I found that I can toggle the status bit on/off each trunk bank so this becomes transparent.

v/r, Slick

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