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corbintechboy 08-02-2014 3:13 AM

CCRadio 2E Enhanced
I have been a MW dxer for a couple years. I have some regular shows I like to listen to as well on MW and wanted a radio that sounded good.

I have always looked at the C.Crane stuff but never really bit the bullet. And with the old version of this radio there were many reviews of display failures. It just seemed to be a bit expensive (for what it was) to become a paper weight.

I have a couple radios so I decided to do some comparisons and decide if it was worth the money invested. The first thing you notice about the CCRadio is how good it sounds. The tonal balance is very nice and it is a pleasure to listen to. There are separate controls for treble and bass and they work great. The radio is very simple to operate and I didn't even have to open the manual to set the time, this is nice to me as I get older I really enjoy simplicity.

When I first got the radio I was disappointed. Trying it at very first on FM was great. Switched to AM and that went down hill. I am not much of a battery person. I have some good rechargeable batteries and the work great on my 7600GR, but I was not intending to run another radios on batteries. The static on AM was really bad when plugged in. Which it is the only radio I have that has this problem (I run all my radios plugged in (except the 7600GR)). So, I broke down and loaded batteries, glad I didn't give up on it and send it back. I ended up calling C.Crane and was told it could run 250 hours at medium volume on a set of 4 D batteries, nice.

I have done a couple nights of comparisons. Here is what I radios I used:

CommRadio CR-1a with QX loop 3.0
Kaito 1103
Sangean ATS-909x
Sony 7600GR
Sony ICF-2010

I noticed right off the bat that the clarity and sound of this radio is just top notch. It even sounds better then my Bose Wave Radio (not as loud of course).

All the portables did a very good job hanging with each other. The CR-1a with the loop was about the equal of the CCRadio without the good sound. The combination was not better and sure did not have the great sound. The 2010 was probably a tad (and I mean tad) more sensitive and the sync was nice, but due to great sound the CCRadio could take a barely readable signal and make it readable, very very good sound. I also like the AGC in the CCRadio the best. Both Sony radios are known for having very good AGC settings but they would "pump" a little where the CCRadio would not. Of course the CommRadio was just as good in the AGC department, but we are comparing apples and oranges there, the CR-1a with the loop is a 750$ combo.

I now think the CCRadio is the best MWDX rig I have. It was well worth the money and I really enjoy listening to it. On FM it seems pretty decent as well. I am going to buy a plug filter and see if that corrects the plug in noise. All and all a 5 star radio with great sound and just a pleasure to listen to, better sound then anything I ever had in a radio.

Go get one :D.

jtcase 08-08-2014 6:53 AM

MW DXing Radios
Thank you for the fine review. I had been looking at this radio after reading a review on it from Jay Allen's website, but got sidetracked when I saw the Sony ICF-EX5MK2 was available on Amazon. I am a sucker for good sync detectors, so I bought one of these radios and have been extremely happy with it. It has great sensitivity, but what sets it apart is the homodyne sync detector. I has a dramatic effect on the selectivity of the radio by enabling you to sync on one of the sidebands to eliminate interference. After I get more experience with it, I will write a more detailed review. The only thing I have found so far I am not real keen on is the audio quality is somewhat lacking. That is why I am looking at the C, Crane offerings. Your review has convinced me to give it a try. I will let you know what happens.


billsblots 12-21-2015 2:56 PM

I didn't think to look here and will read through other thread subject lines, but did you run across information about repairing the CC Radio displays? My original CC Radio display also went out, and I have another CC Radio SW, but would like to get the original CCRadio fixed. I'm getting some additional loop equipment, but I concur on the MW review, in VA I can null out some Philly and NY stations which has allowed some Mexican stations to try to rise up from the muck. Very interesting, and yes the audio adjustments can help pull out audio, it is a great radio and especially by itself still very good for DX'ing from the kitchen table.

hertzian 04-05-2016 7:51 PM

I just picked up the latest 2E version myself and am VERY happy with it.

Audio performance is on par or better with my behemoth Grundig Sat 800, which by now after 16 years probably needs a few caps replaced! From what I understand, the 2E version no longer restricts the high end, and allows the user to dial in to their taste. Very true.

The partly open back slots provides deep bass, and gives it a depth that a closed box doesn't do - unless again it is huge like the Sat 800. Bass is tight, but you can drive it sloppy if you go to the furthest most extreme.

RF performance is great, very selective and sensitive, even with a whip that is not full-length for FM.

There are a few little quirks, but to obsess over them is to miss the forest for the trees - GREAT audio fidelity and very very good RF performance.

As for 15-20 year old radios that probably have dead caps / bad displays - time to upgrade. Nobody makes "heirloom" radios any more. :)

hertzian 04-08-2016 4:22 AM


Originally Posted by billsblots (Post 2501242)
My original CC Radio display also went out, and I have another CC Radio SW, but would like to get the original CCRadio fixed.

Ah, looks like the older CCradio display has a ribbon cable that needs cleaning / reseating for those units that actually have this issue, BUT that cable may not actually be able to be pulled from the board without damage.

This guy used a hair-dryer to push down on the ribbon cable for the display:

I have not fixed one myself, so I cannot vouch for this repair procedure video, but it seemed to work for this op.

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