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    XTL Repeater

    I don't but here are the pin outs. J2 XTL Basically TX audio from Pin 21 of RX radio PTT from Pin 13 of RX radio Ground to Ground
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    XTL Repeater

    I built one. Used it once. Swapped in a Quantar. 1 - No it will not pass ID of the radio talking. You will only see the ID of the transmitting radio. 2 - Encryption will not pass thru the repeater. You would need both radios setup for encryption, one to decode and one to encode. 3 - All...
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    Antenna repeater upgrade help

    As said increasing power only lets the repeater talk further. Does not help a portable at all. Normally a portable based system will have receive only sites to help the signal get to the repeater. Your 5watt VHF portable wont talk any better with a 110 watt repeater than a 50 watt repeater. We...
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    U.S. Marshals Service P25 TRS (BEE00-4F0)

    8000/8500 both work just fine on Wifi with Smart Connect. They can be in Alaska and as long as they have WiFi be on the system.
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    Dover Motor Speedway

    With SMI and Ballys buying each section of Dover I suspect some of this may change.
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    XTL/XTS5000 Part number for XTL5000-W7 control head programming cable

    That's the reason if you walk into the back on many 911 centers the top cover is not snapped on the consolettes !
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    XTL/XTS5000 Part number for XTL5000-W7 control head programming cable

    Ya NLA on MOL. I got this one about a year ago I guess before they were NLA. Find someone who had consollettes as thats what you used to program those.
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    Question about APX 8000

    No. Only forward.
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    GMRS Lic. and radio

    A common misconception is GMRS is like ham and all repeaters are open for anyone to use and there are repeaters all over the country. That's simply not the case. I have multiple repeaters in multiple locations and they are all closed. They were installed for my family and friends and they...
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    Wayne County NY P25?

    APX options are all flash code based. All depends on what they purchase. Just because folks use P25 in the area does not mean everyone needs P25. Lots of agencies on analog and new analog simulcast stuff is installed every day.
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    Delayed Official threads

    Encryption Key Tool from Unication.
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    Wayne County NY P25?

    Why do you think they are going to P25 ? I assume as they replace radios they go to APX as the XTS/XTL series is NLA. Just because its an APX does not mean its even P25.
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    APX Consolette with MCD 5000

    You need to use the internal IP port on the MCD with CT. Once connected you will pull the limited info from the MCD. If its only one MCD and one APX its pretty simple.
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    APX E5 Head with 8500 & 7500 Dual Radio Restarting

    Well maybe try the latest firmware that dropped yesterday.
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    APX E5 Head with 8500 & 7500 Dual Radio Restarting

    So stupid question do the radios have legit flash codes done by official means or a unknown source flash code ? I ask as i have seen some radios with unknown flashes cause weird problems. I would start by swapping the primary and secondary radio in the code plug. If you have a spare of one radio...
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    APX E5 Head with 8500 & 7500 Dual Radio Restarting

    O9 does not work on the dual radio. I wish it did. Only heads that support dual deck is the O7 and E5. As said any cable from deck to deck will work but the short 12" one makes a cleaner install. Just did the dual deck in my personal vehicle and other than loosing the O3 have not had an...
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    Icom IC-FR4000 Repeater issue

    Could be the repeater. ICOM UHF FR4000 units had issues with oscillating internally. I have 2 on a shelf that do it when it gets cold. Last one i sent back to ICOM lasted a year and now its happening again. I'll most likely replace it with a Quantar when the snow clears up.
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    APX E5 Head with 8500 & 7500 Dual Radio Restarting

    Decks are cabled deck to deck with the 12" jumper. Single cable to each head. Also checked with some friends running similar setups and they have not seen this issues. All my decks are at 26.03 as of last week in RM.
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    Question about Motorola FlashCode Feature Sets

    Either IButton or if you use RM they will email a entitlement ID to load in RM.