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  1. nyscan00

    East Hampton P25 TRS

    Each agency has their own respective talk group they operate on to communicate with 9-1-0
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    East Hampton P25 TRS

    East Hampton Village PD is the primary dispatch center for the town and all villages that reside within it. This includes fire, EMS, police, code etc. EHV Pd uses the identifier central for PD units or 9-1-0 for ems / fire. I have a list of permanent patch talk groups I’ll share later but I can...
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    Question about Suffolk Co Fire

    Based on how this system is being set up with multiple transmitter sites I don’t think you’ll have any problem receiving FRES E once it’s fully operational. But only time will tell as a few east end sites are still being constructed.
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    Looking for Clarification with Suffolk County

    The majority of departments that use FRES as their primary dispatch are on the trunked systems using either ops 3, or their designated townwide talkgroups ( Riverhead 1 etc)
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    Northport FD UHF

    I was told the 453.4125 freq will be used for paging. I can’t confirm if it’s in use yet
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    Northwell Health MedEvac

    If it’s the same service they are on the one voice DMR system 301005 T NSLIJ Helo North Shore-LIJ - SkyHealth Medevac
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    East Hampton PD / EMS Frequencies

    You are most likely hearing one of the patch groups from the Suffolk system. Either Holbrook acknowledging an Ems call on fres dispatch ty or an ambulance talking to Medcom on medcom East patch tgid.
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    East Hampton PD / EMS Frequencies

    Here are the additional talk groups I've confirmed. I just submitted to RR Database 253 - EVHOR ( East Hampton Volunteer Ocean Rescue ) 909 - E Hampton FD 921 - Springs FD 925 - Sag Harbor Ambulance 965 - East Hampton Town FD Paging 65010 - SCPD Command Patch 65040 - NYSPD Troop L Ops Patch...
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    East Hampton PD / EMS Frequencies

    The feed sounds great, thank you !
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    Giant Tower going up in Montauk Recycling site.. anything good going on it?

    That new tower going up will be used for Public safety, specifically the EHT p25 system. The new tower will be taller then the existing and is needed to fill coverage gaps with the buildout of the new p25 system. And yes that other tower pictured is indeed a rescue 21 tower for CG.
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    Northport Fire and Huntington Fire Department Frequencies

    Northport FD operates on 46.42 MHz. They are in the process of going uhf but I don’t know how far along. I can’t confirm but Huntington may be on the new 700 p25 system. I did hear them Testing a while Back on one of the Huntington talk-groups.
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    Suffolk County Police P25 Phase 2

    All East Hampton Depts are dispatched on the town wide paging frequency 453.42500 csq by East Hampton Village After activation on UHF all comms are done on the trunk system
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    Suffolk P25 P2 System

    The P25 system is alive and well. There are many active talk-groups on the system. Check the RR database. All talk-groups listed have been confirmed on the new system. Also there are several agencies that are on the new p25 that are NOT on the old 800 such as S Hampton Village PD and EMS
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    Scanner Trouble Suffolk County

    Just invest in a p25 phase II scanner. The legacy trunking system you are trying to listen to is being replaced by P25 so its not worth the expense or time to set up a Motorola radio for a system that is being replaced.
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    East Hampton FD 1 Question.

    East Hampton 1 is a paging channel and is used for all tone outs throughout the town. You are hearing one side of the conversation (dispatch only) so members can hear additional info about alarms, crew status etc without having to carry a 800 radio. Units talk to 9-1-0 on the 800 system on their...
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    Suffolk County, which system is used now ?

    The type II system is still actively being used by the majority of agencies ( except transit). The new p25 system is on the air with several active talk groups. More are being added monthly. Anything you would want to listen to (with the exception of Southampton village Pd and Ems and Suffolk...
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    Suffolk P25 Phase II ?

    Its still going to be quite a while until the entire county totally switches over. Many agencies have not purchased new equipment or flashed their existing. I would however invest in a Phase II scanner as its becoming the new standard as systems upgrade equipment
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    Great Experience with dimaxxxl !

    Just purchased a Unication G3 from dimaxxxl. Super fast shipping, and he pager was in excellent condition exactly as described. Great communiccations and assistance throughout the entire transaction. Thank you again!!
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    Suffolk P25 Phase II ?

    I listen to site 4 daily and have not noticed any issues with receiving voice traffic. Also site 4 covers by far most of Suffolk even out into the Hamptons
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    Who uses the FRES Talkgroups on Suffolk County TRS

    Most Suff county / Township division Identifiers ie 5-0-47 (Brookhaven Town FM) FC-12 (County Fire Coordinator 12) 101 (First div Fire Coordinator 1) are heard on FRES-Command trunking Talk group. Other identifiers from individual depts can be heard calling Firecom on FRES OPS-3 talk group which...