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    SDS200: Sds200 programming for Essex County NJ

    On your computer, Sentinel requires net framework 2.0 which is included in net framework 3.5.
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    Waterbury pd/fd on sds100

    Thank you! Just like a Harris system.
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    Waterbury pd/fd on sds100

    How many control channel capable frequencies are there on an Atlas system?
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    BCD536HP: my 536 is stuck rebooting at boot up

    Sometimes, when the scanner would not connect, I have had better luck if I connect the scanner and put it into USB Mass Storage before starting Sentinel.
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    BCD996T: Uniden BCD996T programming

    Do you have the cable with a DB9 connector? If so, you need a USB to serial adapter to connect between your computer and the scanner cable unless your computer has a serial port. The proper driver must be installed. This is the adapter I use with both Windows 10 & 11...
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    Waterbury pd/fd on sds100

    Thank you! I suspect that it may be a Harris system also. I found it unusual that there were 6 control channel capable frequencies listed in the RR database when there should be a primary and a maximum of 3 alternates unless it is a Harris system.
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    Waterbury pd/fd on sds100

    It seems strange that all 3 scanners stopped working at once. There was another member that found the scanners started working again when 852.1125 was added. This was a recent change. To be safe, make sure all 10 of the frequencies are in the site. 1 (1) 001 (1) Waterbury 851.1875c 851.3375...
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    Programming ws 1065

    The D in the Mode column shows Marco Island PD is clear to receive. If it were DE, it would be fully encrypted. DEC HEX Mode Alpha Tag Description Tag 17001 4269 D Marco Island PD1 Police Law Dispatch You can also use Butel ARC500 software which also has a free trial. I use ARC500 Basic.
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    Programming ws 1065

    Your scanner should be OK for Collier County. You will not be able to receive the Sheriff or Naples PD. They are fully encrypted and cannot be received by any scanner. Although the P25 system is Phase 2 capable, all of the talkgroups are currently Phase 1 which your scanner can receive. It...
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    Waterbury pd/fd on sds100

    Thanks! The SDS100 and SDS200 require the Site NAC in Hex which is 097.
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    Waterbury pd/fd on sds100

    Are you sure about the site NAC? The RR database shows 097. Waterbury Site: WaterburyBack to system Site Number: Decimal: 001 / Hex: 1 RFSS: 1 Description: Waterbury Unique DB ID: 21740 NAC: 097 County Location: New Haven Neighbors: N/A Location: Waterbury Modulation...
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    Waterbury pd/fd on sds100

    I know exactly what has happened. The control channel frequency recently changed to 852.1125 which is not listed as control channel capable in the Radio Reference database. To be safe, enter all of the frequencies into the scanners. The site shows 6 control channel capable frequencies. There...
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    Waterbury pd/fd on sds100

    If you attach your 396, HP2, and SDS100 files, I will check them for problems. I have both ARC396 and FreeSCAN for your 396. Check the squelch level on your scanners. For the SDS100 it should be 2.
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    SLCPD dispatch frequency?

    Are you using software? If so, please attach your programming file so we can take a look at it. You will need to right click on the file and Send to Compressed (zipped) folder to be able to attach it. Click on Attach files and open the zipped folder.
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    The only DMR system I see is this one: Maritime Electric Trunking System, Provincewide, Prince Edward Island ( I don't see any NXDN.
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    BCD436HP: SMA(Female)-BNC(Male) Adapter

    Turn the outside of the BNC connector, not the antenna. What model tri-band antenna are you using? There are some adapters where the 2 sections can rotate such as double males. Hold the section of the adapter closest to the antenna. As suggested before, a pair of pliers may be needed.
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    Pro 197 no sound

    Bibb County uses a simulcast site. The only scanners specifically designed to receive simulcast sites are the Uniden SDS100 handheld and SDS200 base/mobile. The Unication G4 and G5 pagers are also excellent but have limited scanning capabilities. The aforementioned radios are the only ones...
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    BCD996P2: BCD996P2 - DMR

    Under the Help tab in ARC-XT, select AutoCheck for Updates. The software will let you know if there is a later version available when you start it.
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    Radio skack scanner

    The Radio Shack PRO-2096, GRE PSR-600, Radio Shack PRO-197, Radio Shack PRO-652, and Whistler WS1065 scanners are all the same size. The brackets should be interchangeable.
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    BCD436HP: SMA(Female)-BNC(Male) Adapter

    Unthread the adapter from the scanner first so you don't put undue stress on the scanner connector. BNC connectors have a small notch which locks the connector on. With the adapter in one hand, push in on the connector and turn it counterclockwise with the other hand.