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    SDS100: Mass storage

    Glad to hear your son is up on his computer skills, I hope you enjoy your 100 as much as I enjoy mine! Happy Listening
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    .bin file

    I'm trying to load an older firmware version on my SDS200, some how the file is now associated with note pad and won't load. How do I stop the association? Thanks Using Windows 7
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    SDS200 serial number has the fix?

    I got my scanner 2 days after the release date and have none of the reported issues! So don't worry to much about the serial numbers.
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    SDS200 serial number has the fix?

    I disagree with you, your just the person I would like it hear your first impressions from. I hope you enjoy your new scanner, if you have any questions just ask!
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    SDS 200

    Good luck with Zip did they send you a tracking number yet? Let us know how you make out ok?
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    SDS200 Were do I get CB-GPSK GPS for SDS200D

    How long did it take after you placed your order to ship it, and to get it? I'm going on 3 days and it hasn't shipped yet, when and if I get mine I will answer your question if no one else has!
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    **SAFETY ALERT** SDS100 original (thin) battery severely swelled

    Sounds like a good option has anyone ever ordered from that company, what would shipping and price be just for the battery to the USA? Thanks
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    **SAFETY ALERT** SDS100 original (thin) battery severely swelled

    I would suggest not running them down below 3.3 and full charge 4.2, when not using a lipo for a week or so store it at 3.5. Put it back on charge before needed but from what I have seen don't leave it fully charged or discharged for an extended length of time but at 3.5 called a storage charge...
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    SDS200 SDS200 possible keypad backlight issue?

    Didn't you get the memo it's within specification :rolleyes:
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    SDS200 SDS200 screen/display question

    The way I see it you have a 1 year warranty, I have had mine on since the release day and have seen no problems.
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    SDS 100/200 encrypted question

    If an encrypted Talk Group gets into a favorites list would or should the scanner just skip over it, mine seems to stop on what I think is an encrypted TGID. P25 P2 system Police Tactical. Thanks
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    SDS200 "filter" settings

    What on the display should I watch to see if there is an improvement when changing the filters or is it all by ear listening. Why would Uniden add the feature with no explanation, not everyone has attended Uniden University!
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    SDS200 SDS200 Hum Reports

    I was looking to buy a second 200, I may have just changed my mind if no one knows for sure if they have old stock or repaired stock or new factory stock. If someone other than the factory installed the part can they be sold as new? Has anyone found any refurbished units for sale?
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    P25P2 second NAC?

    I haven't had any problems with it my reception is just fine. If I don't want to see both NAC it turn the option to Ignore off.
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    P25P2 second NAC?

    Hi Dave when I asked the question I was told the first numbers are the site NAC and the second set that come up are the voice channel NAC, for this to show undersettings you must have Ignore Site NAC. turned on. If you have Use Site NAC turned on you won't see the second set of numbers. I know...
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    SDS100: SDS100 / SDS200 Enhancement Update 1.09.02

    I get 403 Forbidden On this link
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    SDS100: SDS100 / SDS200 Enhancement Update 1.09.02

    Seems like addressing one issue may have caused another issue, for me reception is a top priority. They tried to fix issues I wasn't having, oh well still happy I bought both SDS scanners let's just hope they can find the right combination to make us all happy. I'm missing a lot of stuff I got a...
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    SDS100: SDS100 / SDS200 Enhancement Update 1.09.02

    My quick observation, I have both the 100 and 200, when I got my 200 I loaded the same info I used on my 100. At the time I noticed the 200 performance was slightly better, I have been doing all the 200 updates and have skipped some on the 100. My 100 now has M V 1.08.05 and my 200 has M V...
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    SDS200 SDS200 Hum Reports

    What does it mean if my Jan.10th SDS200 has no Hum? What was done differently to avoid it, I only hear a slight ticking sound if I put the speaker up to my ear. Should I add the part Uniden is supplying for free? Thank you
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    sds100 Smaller battery.

    Hi have you called Uniden and told them what you think about them discontinuing that battery? Maybe a third party battery supplier will fill the need!