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  1. u2brent

    Maryland FIRST 700mhz TRS

    Most Excellent! At least you know your programmed right!! You may have some luck with a different antenna configuration/experimentation at your home location.. Might wanna think about saving up/trading up for an SDS100/200 though. ;)
  2. u2brent

    Sentinel Favorites List Layout

    On the top tool bar.. Select "Edit" Then move down to "Sort Favorite Lists..." Sort Away..
  3. u2brent

    48.6500 possibly a religious program?

    Can't be 100% sure but sounds like Tony Evans.. :unsure: So likely a local FM bleeding over, or cable??? tony evans - Google Search
  4. u2brent

    Programming TRX1 for Maryland's First Responder Network

    Assuming your radio is similar to the RS Pro651; You assign the First P25 Trunked System (TSYS) Talkgroups (Groups) to a scanlist and then enable that list... :unsure: Don't have a Whistler so I may not be correct....:confused:
  5. u2brent

    Programming TRX1 for Maryland's First Responder Network

    You won't hear voice on the Control Ch. regardless of strength (or the voice ch's for that matter).. Gotta stay/hold on the P25 System (TSYS) (properly programmed and preferably loaded with the active talk groups) 773.30625 7101, "MDTA PD Ft McHenry Tunnel/Harbor Tunnel" 7102...
  6. u2brent

    Programming TRX1 for Maryland's First Responder Network

    Seeing a T is a good sign, even if no audio is passing.. Seems to be some progress in the right direction :)
  7. u2brent

    no voice on p25 phase2 whistler 1088

    Could it be that Whistler fixed one thing, only to break another? :unsure:
  8. u2brent

    BCD436HP: How to enter NAC code in Sentinel

    As has been pointed out, that's not an available option for the x36 series radios. But, If the offending frequency is not the CC of the system your trying to monitor, just delete it.. :unsure:
  9. u2brent

    How feasible is it to pick up Baltimore City in Southern Howard County?

    Yes DSD+ Fastlane does track P25 PH2 now.. I'd try the SDR dongles before investing in the SDS100/200 to see first..
  10. u2brent

    PA Statewide P25 Phase 2 System

    The rest of the story.. 1.54 has 2 new neighbors 1.56, 1.59 1.56 CC/SCC details neighbors and channels (minus BSI) 1.54, 1.55, 1.57 1.57 added 1 neighbor 1.56 Site: 1.54 NAC=948 ; YORK01 800 Reeser's Summit/York Neighbor: BEE00.942-1.52 ; DAUP73 800 State Capitol/Dauphin...
  11. u2brent

    PA Statewide P25 Phase 2 System

    1.56 NAC 94A YORK34 800 Red Lion/York WRAJ230 CC 859.0875 Confirmed Online Did not have tools to get NL or SCC/BSI today
  12. u2brent

    Maryland FIRST 700mhz TRS

    You're correct. If your not picking up anything and it's programmed right; you must not have a strong signal, The signals don't generally carry too far from the expected coverage area.. Are you getting an indication of signal strength?
  13. u2brent

    Maryland FIRST 700mhz TRS

    First is a P25 Phase 2 System, The Cecil site should be receivable. The Control Ch is on 773.30625. You need to program as a P25 Trunk. Sounds like your trying to program it as a conventional freq. which won't work. :unsure: If programmed properly and within good decode range of a CC you should...
  14. u2brent

    PA Statewide P25 Phase 2 System

    Purty sure it's the 800 paired with 1.95 VHF NTIA site 1.59 CUMB04 800 Biglerville/Adams WRAD754 aka Big Flat NAC ??? 854.41250 854.73750 855.16250 856.33750 858.56250
  15. u2brent

    York County - HARRIS RF COM - p25 System

    These? https://wiki.radioreference.com/index.php/York_County_(PA)_Fire_Tone_Outs or https://wiki.radioreference.com/index.php/York_County_(PA)_911_Pager_Codes_(POCSAG)
  16. u2brent


    So, There ya have it! It is worth it, If you can afford it.. I like the more detailed info and color display. Once you use the detail screen with all the possible custom fields, you'll never wanna go back. (y) That's been my experience.
  17. u2brent

    Local trucking company on 163.200? WTF?

    After performing an advanced search using the FCC's search tool reveals some potential legit users of the range. License Search - Advanced License Search I chose Iowa state and range 163.1 to 163.3. 1 KBF981 SIOUX VALLEY MEMORIAL HOSPITAL 0002589893 PW Expired 04/22/2001...
  18. u2brent

    PA Statewide P25 Phase 2 System

    Thank You.. So we get 3 previously missing puzzle pieces.. :) 1.84 LEHI01 800 Emmaus/Lehigh WRAL448 859.6625 1.87 BERK04 800 Port Clinton/Berks WQOE333 853.1750 1.88 BUCK33 800 Buckingham/Bucks WRAL397 857.5125
  19. u2brent

    PA Statewide P25 Phase 2 System

    Thanks for the update! Could you elaborate on the NL CC Frequencies? Please.. 75, 76, & 81 are known, Could confirm if 84, 87, & 88 are correct :unsure: 1.75 858.0375 CHES02 800 Devault/Chester 1.76 859.6375 CHES01 800 Morgantown/Chester 1.81 859.5375 MONY02 800 Willow Grove/Montgomery 1.84...