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    Trombone player busted by FCC

    https://docs.fcc.gov/public/attachments/DA-19-541A1.pdf Mr. Larsen is an amateur radio licensee who operates under the call sign WS2L. On May 31, 2018, the Bureau received a complaint of unauthorized transmissions on the Highland Park Radio System. Bureau agents traveled to Highland Park on...
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    buy a radio, get a cop or FF with it?

    When marketing hype exceeds common sense. From Michigan County Signs $47M P25 Contract with Statewide System Interface 'Oakland County will be the first agency in Michigan to use P25 Phase 2 technology that will more than double the number of users on one system, a statement said.' I hope they...
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    BearCom acquires event radio rentals business Creative Communications in Phoenix, Arizona

    I'm sure having Canadian offices made working the NBA all star game easier for Bearcom, it was a PITA sending radios in for the races we did there. Will be interesting to see if MCA makes a bid for Bearcom or vice versa.
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    Business License Holder Interoperability

    I keep a text file of these snippets of part 90 because little parts like this are buried and my search terms seldom match what how the code is written.
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    Business License Holder Interoperability

    eCFR — Code of Federal Regulations (b) Except for frequencies used in accordance with §90.417, no person shall program into a transmitter frequencies for which the licensee using the transmitter is not authorized.
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    Make an impact on national emergency communications planning!

    We interrupt this encryption thread to return you to our original subject. Public-Safety Leaders Endorse New National Emergency Communications Plan National Emergency Communications Plan
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    2019 Indianapolis 500

    UHF for the track? They finally got their own license last year after using Racing radios freqs for years. One repeater was on Zore's Speedway repeater, I emailed Racing electronics to let them know. The 450/455 part 74 freqs usually don't have CTCSS for repeater TX or didn't when I was in TV...
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    FCC Query Download

    last time I did that the file was too big for excel or Alpha 5 to open, they ground to a halt.
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    Vendor claims District 15 wasted money on Motorola two-way radio deal

    It's the 6 P principal, proper preparation prevents piss poor performance
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    Vendor claims District 15 wasted money on Motorola two-way radio deal

    Vendor claims District 15 wasted money on Motorola two-way radio deal District 15 Superintendent Scott Thompson said the potential cost savings is "not worth anything in a crisis if the radios aren't working." "It really was our first responders that said, 'We don't want to have to grab a radio...
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    Hytera Wins Against Motorola in Court

    Hytera Succeeds in Invalidating Claims of Motorola Solutions Patent at U.S. Patent and Trademark Office United States Patent: 6591111
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    Who is going to Dayton Hamvention 2019?

    You could always empty a bucket of prop wash on it, maybe the bugs are causing the poor RL.
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    Who is going to Dayton Hamvention 2019?

    That's a long way to drive a golf cart, I can see why Richmond would be out of the question...
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    Who is going to Dayton Hamvention 2019?

    Richmond IN still has rooms, it's about an hour drive. I may go, missed the last 2 years.
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    Citizen, the real-time crime alerting app, is growing in big cities using Scanners

    When I went through the San Diego county sheriff's academy in the late 70s we were told anything stating media or press was considered valid ID. SDPD's media credential requirements include your SSN even though I've been told NCIC records checks no longer use them.
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    Hytera Wins Against Motorola in Court

    Motorola Asks Court to Compel Connecticut Distributor to Testify in Hytera Lawsuit
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    licensing questions

    A client has repeater freqs in 2 counties. I need to add the freqs to the other sites so we can use talk around from site A at B and vice versa, plus he's DMR so his mobile range is outside his 32 km radius. Can I do this through ULS without a coordinator? Can mobiles be greater than 32 km?
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    New Motorola HTs for LAPD

    I remember a Motorola engineer saying the Visar could have had more than 16 channels but it would have been about .25" thicker to accommodate the chipset needed. Marketing put the quash on it, they wanted the skinner chassis. Mrs. 007, did you work with Bob Schukai?
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    New Motorola HTs for LAPD

    While the features of the top of the line APX may exceed a Tetra radio the functionality isn't much different. When I was a deputy our office was on low band, I had to pull the antenna out of the radio like I did with my CB walkie talkie when I was 6, but I still talked to dispatch like $5,000+...
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    Citizen, the real-time crime alerting app, is growing in big cities using Scanners

    Professional media are there for one purpose, to sell advertising by providing informative / provocative / sensational content to keep eyeballs glued to the screen. Most of us here have a professional license or certification, let a govt agency suggest doing something similar for reporters like...