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  1. Johnnydollar2

    Peoria Co Fire - Mabas Boxes

    Are you talking about THESE color firegrounds that are Statewide? https://www.radioreference.com/apps/db/?aid=1861 they're listed under common/shared stuff in the IL database here on Radio Reference. They still use local firegrounds red through green and orange on VHF here in the northern...
  2. Johnnydollar2

    TRX-1: Misc. TRX-1 Questions

    ?? EzScan? yes, they named it wrong. But you CAN do a large batch edits by clicking the first line you want to start at ... hold the shift key down and NOT TOUCHING anything else in the form field *using only the scroll bar ... you then click the LAST line you want to stop at and change...
  3. Johnnydollar2

    PRO668 problem

    It's a "fix" that Whistler opted for when people complained so loudly about the Pro668 and WS1080s. Phase II is 2-3 times as LOUD by their design for ???? reason. To fix THAT fix* they invented a plus + 2 - minus - 10 setting. You push "menu" then scroll to (program menu) then select (global...
  4. Johnnydollar2

    TRX-1: Misc. TRX-1 Questions

    @ eye00only - Only thing that can save those scanners is a directional Yagi antenna at home. Taking them in the car will also give you garbled and missed transmissions. Phase II is even worse. You are repeating exactly what I said in 2014-2015 That's why I got and recommend a Unication G4/G5...
  5. Johnnydollar2

    PRO668 problem

    Sounds like you "uploaded" only the frequencies and control channels as CONVENTIONAL objects? You have to invent the SYSTEM first in the proper area on the EZSCAN software and give it a P25 digital designation. You also won't hear anything unless you add the talkgroups as objects on a list or...
  6. Johnnydollar2

    EZ Scan software download

    I just downloaded it at Whistler Group website. Version 2.39. Haven't had any trouble. Did the OP ever get it done?
  7. Johnnydollar2

    TRX-1: What was so bad about this Scanner

    Yes, It would have been nice if we had been TOLD this*** by Whistler before we forked out $480.00 in Sept of 2014. Instead? we hear it on comment boards years later. The truth is costly ... buyer beware. I used to laugh at how bad the 2014 WS1080 was compared to the 2004 RShack Pro96. Even THAT...
  8. Johnnydollar2

    TRX-1: What was so bad about this Scanner

    @ rayvelcoro They have a new import function for Radio Reference database on the PPS (Unication's programming software) It's no harder than the other scanners I feel. If you're a paid subscriber of RRef you can use it. I've seen some people making happy posts about it. BUT this is a thread...
  9. Johnnydollar2

    TRX-1: What was so bad about this Scanner

    Wow. Must be a lot better than my WS1080 that failed miserably in Lake Co IL everywhere up there including Wauconda. Over by the Taco Bell to the west of Wauconda? Nothing but choppy, distorted trash with the Starcom21 system. Sitting at home using a Yagi? it probably would work. Can't hear it...
  10. Johnnydollar2

    TRX-1: What was so bad about this Scanner

    There's a LOT wrong with these leftover GRE-PSR800 designs. My WS1080 is useless mobile and P25 Simulcast can only be received with a Yagi *sometimes* I got a Unication G5 Pager to fix things. The Whistler sits unused most days. This video by a guy in MI state is what I experienced in 10...
  11. Johnnydollar2

    Buying used Unication

    I have been listening to scanners since 1974. Phase II is more and more prevalent. Nothing more frustrating than having a Phase 1 only scanner and having your Fire Dept broadcasting on Phase II. I got a Unication G5 pager, light years ahead of the usual toys out there especially for phase II...
  12. Johnnydollar2


    N6ML is right. You have to turn the knob to where you "created" the talk-groups. It's probably sitting on a different one that's empty. Did it myself the 1st time I set things up. Where'd it go? doh?!! I was on knob 3 instead of 1
  13. Johnnydollar2

    Transients/homeless jumping trains with radios

    Folks hopping trains remind me of the old movie "Emperor of the North" 1973 with Lee Marvin, Ernest Borgnine as the sadistic rail-man using hammers on chains to kill hobos's laying underneath the cars. You hop a train? look out for the hammers.
  14. Johnnydollar2

    I want to start getting more into watching the storms, best websites?

    Just use Gaggle to search for it. I know it's there somewhere. I used to watch along too named Chaser TV online? I then linked up to those on the scene chasers through Channel 4KFOR or Channel 6 Tulsa or 9 Oklahoma City news sites. They had the same radar maps with little car logos and you...
  15. Johnnydollar2

    Trunk frequencies for Norridge Illinois

    I listen to them all the time. Starcom21 site no. 149 and MCD dispatch (Municipal Consolidated Dispatch) talkgroups listed under Cook County on that Starcom21 page https://www.radioreference.com/apps/db/?sid=2324 You add the control channel and alternate frequencies for site 149 only and those...
  16. Johnnydollar2

    PRO96 Updates

    No, just Phase 1. LAST firmware for the masses long ago was 1.4 still linked to the Pro96 RRef wiki page. There was a 1.5 but I think that applied only to Michigan or a certain system. I'm sure someone else can talk about that.
  17. Johnnydollar2

    Who remembers the old Regency scanners?

    @ cbehr91 - yes. I was looking for the pic of it at the link above in my post. That must have been it. Got cell coverage in really well, but then they would drop out as it passed into another cell. I think I still have the manual for the Touch M100. The handheld had that irritating battery...
  18. Johnnydollar2

    Who remembers the old Regency scanners?

    Yes, most of us in here do I bet. In 1982 I got a TOUCH M-100 or 400? mobile/home and Regency Handheld programmable in 1985? or 86. THAT handheld got CELL coverage of course. Heard many things over the years on that including some locally famous people's conversations. But for the most part...
  19. Johnnydollar2

    Various 800MHz Band Pass Filters available from Scanner Master?

    I have 2 of these, HPN-30118 and BPF-800N *because I have a WS1080 and live by 2 Cell towers, one on a Fire dept and another behind a business barely 2 stories high across the street. I experimented with them and found they do block most all signals other than those listed. I have 155.000...
  20. Johnnydollar2

    Atlanta - G5 Programming

    What does it say when you click on the "Site:1" area? that pop-up info isn't shown above. Should pop up to reveal this kind of info....