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    usb hub

    I use a bunch of Anker powered USB3 hubs. Not as cheap as the amazon basics, not as expensive as some of the other options. Some are the 'vertically' stacked ports (ie. long edge above long edge) and some 'horizontally'. In both layouts there are problems with some types of 'dongles' (all work...
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    AOR 8200 Original (mark 1?) PC cable

    I don't remember having do do anything specfific but it was a very long time ago that it was installed!
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    AOR 8200 Original (mark 1?) PC cable

    You can add what you want ...in this case I had already mentioned that there were changes (though without the specifics as the OP was talking about the original unit). AR86CTL works under windows 7 here. JAOR and ARC8200 also.
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    dsdplus 2.165

    Things sometimes look more daunting than they are. Download each archive in turn. Using winrar or 7zip : Unzip contents to your DSD directory, overwriting the extant files if prompted Only rarely has an update FORCED a change to the way you actually run the software and for those there are...
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    dsdplus fastlane and sdr sharp problem

    What do you mean by 'fastlane'? DSDPlus has no interest in your RTL device - it deals with audio data. Most people will use a varaint of FMP to control their tuner device and that will route the audio via TCP to DSD or else they'll use virtual audio cables to get audio into DSD.
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    DSD+ Fastlane and RSPDuo

    Yes you can use both tuners at the same time with DSD. Using SDRConsole or sdruno you can control both tuners and using virtual audio cables feed DSD instances. However, you probably asked the wrong question and really meant something like: "Can FMPP utilise both tuners in an RSPduo...
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    DSDPlus FMPP bug?

    Which comma? There isn't one in the command line examples Dave gave.
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    DSDPlus FMPP bug?

    FMPP can only control one of the tuners within the duo not both
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    New Release - DSD+ 2.183

    The sdrplay_api.dll was introduced in 2p169 along with FMPP ie. a specific FMP variant for SDRplay and a custom dll to support it. At that time support was stated for one of the SDRplay device types (the RSP2) and almost immediately an updated dll and FMPP made available separately as bug fixes...
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    DSDPlus FMPP bug?

    What exactly is the fourth file in that archive?
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    Acarsdeco2 Running Question ?

    acarsdeco2 is a console program and you would normally run it from a batch file and not directly from the exe. The downloadable archive contains a readme file with version notes as well as configuration/usage instructions. Basically, Create batch file (or edit the example one supplied) to...
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    DSDPlus FMPP bug?

    ==================command window content================== D:\Rad-Soft\DSD_Plus>FMPP -i1 -o1 -f139.59375 FMPP 1.3 Current working directory is "D:\Rad-Soft\DSD_Plus" SDRPlay serial number list: 180605F032 Spectrum window width: 1024 FFT size: 32,768 Spectrum update rate: 10 Hz Step size table...
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    HackRF One, GQRX & Discone.

    ATIS is used all over the world - as for whether there are any within range of the OP...all depends where in Cumbria he is located. Carlisle is probably the only airfield busy enough to use ATIS in Cumbria...... and that's not exactly a busy airfield. Creating filters is easy enough but you...
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    HackRF One, GQRX & Discone.

    Your best course of action would be to get the 'discone' outside and above your roof...up high in the clear (though bear in mind that there are some general restrictions regarding planning permissions....and maybe stricter ones if you are in the national park area....of course, many people...
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    HackRF One, GQRX & Discone.

    Radio waves travel in straight lines so you could easily be limited by terrain near you...For example if you are in Wasdale Head you'll struggle to get anything...on the other hand if you are on Walney or in Silloth you'd likely get a good mix of traffic. Equally, the quality of your antenna...
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    AOR 8200 Original (mark 1?) PC cable

    Another thing to bear in mind is that the auxilliary socket connections are different on the black-cased models (AR8200II onwards). Your cable was specifically made for the original model (AR8200, green case) and would need to be modified before use with the AR8200II and AR8200III if you ever...
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    AOR 8200 Original (mark 1?) PC cable

    It would be audio OUT of the AR8200 and therefore INTO the 3.5mm audio input on your PC (for decoding applications). If the docking station for your PC already has a 9pin serial port then it's probably got a USB<>Serial adapter built in but is missing the driver. Check the makers website for...
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    AOR 8200 Original (mark 1?) PC cable

    The RS-8200 was Jonathan's own interface. Never looked in one but presumably a MAX232 series chip and a couple of resistors /capacitors. The extra plug was likely to be for unfiltered audio - it's available on the accessory socket but I don't think it was utilised on the interface AOR marketed.
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    FMP24 Base Latitude/ Longitude

    It's used with the frequency lists. In practice you'd set it to your monitoring location and also set the range that you'd expect to receive signals from. See the FMP.txt file for config explantion. If not using the frequency lists you can safely leave those lines alone.