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    San antonio Fire New Ems 2 Hosp Ch

    Recently found TG-646 (Baptist Hausman) Free standing Emergency Centers Baptist Emergency Hospital - Hausman 8230 N Loop 1604 W, San Antonio, TX 78249 TG-530 (SAFD MedBr) SAFD Medical Branch ---------------------------------------- I am Looking for The Below Listed and More Baptist-Overlook...
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    San Antonio

    Robert alderman Bexar county radio got boot out door Fernando Luna moved on SAPD Communication A big change to normals
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    EMS to Hospital communication

    Zello you Feed.. Use vox Multi platform Windows,Windows RT,android,Apple
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    San Antonio

    Bexar Has Both p25 700 Mhz Phase-1 And EDACS/ESK System they are patched Some agency's are buying apx8000 radio's And use the p25 as entry-level and casted To Edacs
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    San antonio 911 Outage

    San antonio 911 Center lost power 5/22/19 @ about 7:30 Pm Restored about 9pm During this loss the dispatcher used handheld radios SAFD/SAPD All PCs and Consoles where down No TCIC/NCIC/Municipal Court Warrants could be ran SAFD had no selective call status That's there paging of SAFD radios...
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    SDS100: SDS100 Stopped picking up any signal

    ? The Circuit Boards are Slipping from each other ? Ok I posted the same type problem The Circuit Boards are slipping away from each other People reported sending back units twice Sometimes getting new units Watch out: well after shipping to repair uniden the Circuit Boards are back...
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    sds200 Over Limit

    Ok you card has #1 or #2 Problem 1.you have been recording and maxed memory 2.Your favorites List is Every thing as one list and one list only each list is 1 MB limit Look @ the screen shot of list i have Multiple List Use (Select List to monitor) to enable dis-able Scan List Watch the...
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    SDS100: Uniden sds100 over heat not working now

    no reception From wfm a.m. narrow FM close call or anything else Just got power to it's self only tryed all Nothing else but power to unit I noted it's was very warm in my shirt pocket Before I noticed no rx
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    SDS100: Uniden sds100 over heat not working now

    My uniden sds100 over heated and is not working after new firmware just days ago The radio has no wear and tear to it Upman need info to send back it to repair And my second sds100 the link to the old firmware not to brick the other one
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    Silent Key (scrotumola)

    Very missed .... John had a lot of public safety experience 911 Call Taker/Dispatcher Bexar County Fire 911 Call Taker/Dispatcher Alamo Hts Sandy Oaks Fire Fighter La Vernia Police Bexar County Constables PCT5 I am still left with out words Spent a lot of time talking and hanging as friends...
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    San Antonio Airlife P25

    The page out on 159.9525 p25 is tones only Page out in full 152.3225 DMR
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    Wow...Sentinel and BCD536HP has my head spinning!

    Also look into arc software and imports it's a life saver and good to custom your own favorites list
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    U.S. Secret Service Rept's San antonio

    RF Finder My vhf version
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    Notable Passing: The Voice of Bexar County Fire Alarm

    View Trevor Wortes's Obituary on mySanAntonio.com and share memories Funeral services are just starting SERVICE Wednesday, Feb. 27, 2019 10:30 AM Porter Loring Mortuary North 2102 North Loop 1604 East San Antonio, TX Traffic coordinator is on San antonio BLUE EDACS MUT-AID 40 San antonio BLUE...
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    U.S. Secret Service Rept's San antonio

    Listed in Bexar Federal San Antonio Field Office Operations ("Mike") 165.2125 Nac 001 this freq main use Counterfeiting of Currency Surveillance --------------------------------------------------- Unlisted in Bexar Federal Nat-Wide Nationwide Primary/Commandpost Charlie 165.3750 Nac 001 this...
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    Alamo Dome Security UHF WQZZ468

    461.1250 PL 136.5 Industrial/Business Pool, Conventional License WQZZ468 - SAN ANTONIO, CITY OF ?? Alamo Dome Security ?? I was getting a large event security detail and heard someone throwing Whatabuger cup at someone on a lower tier and throw the group out when I received this I was at...
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    KSAT 127.1 approach (Green laser pointer Incidents)

    SAPD East open 11:40 Pm CDT Eagle/Helocopter just got one for laser pointer incident I Guess at Eagle/Helocopter Booking of Perp for this incident Eagle/Helocopter Said its a FBI Incident and he has Video
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    VIA METRO Transit Going (p25)

    I think the VIA p25 is just for transit operations Like Fixed Routes (FR) 'City Buses' VIAtrans Paratransit (PT) 'Handicap Wheelchair Lift' Contract (CT) 'Paratrans Cost Control' Cheaper for Via FR,PT,CT is the federal allocated money flow to transit and is Covered under (CFR) Code of Federal...
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    The ALAMO Going (DMR)

    The ALAMO Going (DMR) Under new managment 461.3500 Rept DCC:4 or Color:4 Slot=1/TG=11001 Alamo Security -------------------------- Callsign: WQXC854 Licensee: ALAMO TRUST, INC Radio Service: Industrial/Business Pool, Conventional (IG) City: SAN ANTONIO, TX Status: Active Grant Date...