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    New communications in Hartford

    Those Harris XL-200's are nice! Miami-Dade County is using them and the City of Miami has just decided to switch from Moto to Harris. But even with better receiver filtering from cell interference on 800 mhz, in Hartford it's still a brick if it can't hear the EDACS control channel. I like...
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    New communications in Hartford

    As someone stated earlier in the thread, 993k isn't a lot of money when it comes to radios. There will certainly be a replacement of all firefighter portables, batteries and speaker mics at the very least. Depending on how much money is left after that, mobiles for apparatus. Let the city...
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    New communications in Hartford

    The City of Hartford has no plan (or money) to replace the EDACS. Harris will end support in December of 2017. They notified all EDACS users of this several years ago. The P7100 and M7100 subscribers are beyond end of support. Read between the lines you will see that it was the Hartford...
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    City of Hartford - Fire

    Will be back on the primary 6/23 Will be at HFD tomorrow 6/23 to reprogram the primary encoder. Streaming will be offline for a brief period between 10:00 and noon.
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    City of Hartford - Fire

    HFD Live Scanner Feed Back on line with a temp setup. HFD personnel are flat out short staffed. Right now the feed is one channel 154.310 only. Scans Incident 1 thru 5 with priority on Dispatch. Will work with HFD to get the two channel feed back up as time permits. Broadcastify lost a...
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    DMR by location

    Dave, have you tried NJ TRBO website? They cover NY/NJ/PA. It shows this repeater N2JTI Austerlitz NY 445.1875 -5 MHz Color Code 1. Also. N2LBT Inlet NY 147.5300 - 3 MHz Color Code 1 Website address is: https://www.n2jti.net/home.html Hope this helps. Coverage seems sparse upstate.
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    Used DTR550 Need advice

    Moto DTR 900 Mhz radios I have used them for several years. Absolutely love them! I find that they have incredible audio output. Far louder and clearer than those frs/GMRS radios. The chargers are I believe, either one or three hour chargers. I have both, no preference either way. There...
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    Hartford Fire Simulcast on 154.310

    The equipment was recently upgraded but now it appears that the antenna system may be in need of repair/replacement. This may take some time. In the mean time, you can listen to the dedicated HFD streaming audio feed at HFDRadio.com.
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    Hartford Fire Radio codes

    The 553a code was changed to 520 for those who haven't figured it out yet. Open hydrant.
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    Scannermaster Warning

    I have done business with Scannermaster for many years. They have never disappointed me. Shipping is never a problem. Although I usually pay for standard shipping, the package usually arrives within 1-2 days. I have also done business with RadioShack for much longer. As of two years ago...
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    hartford county fire dept signals

    Agreed. We struggled with exactly that scenario. Sometimes the cell phone just isn't practical in times where we need to be discreet.
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    hartford county fire dept signals

    Common Terminology/Plain Language I've just researched the subject and there is no requirement that prohibits codes as they pertain to local operations. The requirements kick in when you have an incident that involves agencies from different departments or jurisdictions. "Unified Command" or...
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    Hartford Fire Radio codes

    One more NFIRS code that you will hear in Hartford is 553a. This is a special tracking code for Hartford only which is for closing hydrants. Believe it or not, they already used it this week!
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    Hartford Fire Radio codes

    The three digit codes that you hear are called NFIRS codes. Nat'l Fire Incident Reporting System I believe. The complete set of codes can be found here: http://podcast.freepgs.com/NFIRS50.pdf About NFIRS: USFA About NFIRS With regard to the "Ten Codes" HFD has issued a directive to use...
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    Legal License Free (Or Easy To Obtain Licnese) Radio Choices

    I love my DTR 900 Mhz radios. With 1 watt RF output, they talk just as good if not better than a 5 watt HT on GMRS. They cost a bit more, but they don't suffer co-channel issues like FRS/GMRS/MURS and the other mass marketed HT's out there on other bands. I have TriSquare HT's also. I like...
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    My Local Radio Shack

    Good bye Radio Shack As someone who has been shopping at Radio Shack for forty years and has probably spent tens of thousands of dollars over that period of time, I have recently spent my last dollar with their company. After the p-ss poor customer service that I received by someone who...
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    Washington, D.C. - Big city fire depts balk at new digital radios

    Right. Assuming that you are not using the radio in simplex mode. And as for the codec, I thought that due to the narrower bandwidth of TDMA vs FDMA it was encoding at a different (lower) rate to facilitate the change. Is that not correct? I know that in other applications, the lower rate...
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    Washington, D.C. - Big city fire depts balk at new digital radios

    I prefer simplex on the incident scene as well. However, all mechanical/electronic devices have their operational limits. Let's say in a hi-rise scenario when you need to talk to someone on the 78th floor from the lobby, the operational limits of any portable radio analog or digital have do...
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    Washington, D.C. - Big city fire depts balk at new digital radios

    PJH, I concur with your statements completely. As a matter of fact, IMHO I believe that the error correction is so good that the people designing the systems are stretching the wide area coverage per site, FAR beyond what would have been acceptable for analog signal coverage. Correct me if I'm...
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    Hartford 154.31

    We were up there this morning. The MPA 800 Mhz radio is shot. Radio repair replaced it with another old MPA which is not healthy, but it's better than dead! The VHF is actually an old Motorola which seems to be solid as a rock. It will need to be replaced soon though. Doesn't meet FCC...