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  1. WQ2H

    VHF Anomaly !

    I see he's getting pings from RS0ISS at 6,479 km and PSAT (KJ4ERJ) at 15,188 km - so I assume some sort of stacked Yagi for satcom. That would probably do it. :cool:
  2. WQ2H

    VHF Anomaly !

    Not too much experience with VHF/UHF. Put up the UHF repeater and VHF ARPS systems for local folk in our town, and people passing through the Monadnock Mountain region. They're always buzzing with something. Downright crazy if it's true - although if they're really using 500W, that might do it...
  3. WQ2H

    Yaesu: New Yaesu FT-3DR

    It's on my Christmas list......... :cool:
  4. IMG_2018-01-06_15-47-59.jpeg


    More WQ2H Bugs !!
  5. TX_RX_setup_27JUN2019.jpg


    Rx/Tx setup for 2200m, using the CCW active antenna for Rx.
  6. WQ2H Inventions

    WQ2H Inventions

    WQ2H Inventions
  7. Lowfer_stuff.jpg


    Attenuators (you need lots of them for LF/VLF)
  8. WQ2H Shack

    WQ2H Shack

    WQ2H Shack
  9. 19420853_1519670031389799_5170621407701926456_n.jpg


    WQ2H / WK2XAH Shack (always a work in progress).
  10. 991_GoBox_1.jpg


    FT-991 Go-Box !
  11. Lightning Damage !

    Lightning Damage !

    Lightning Damage !
  12. FD_Lightning.jpg


    My favorite Buxcomm 134' HF folded dipole struck by lightning. The termination resistor exploded like a hand grenade.
  13. WQ2H

    Let's go low

    It's a tough time of year to be digging out 137. :) FT4/FT8 is great for HF but tough on LF because the Tx time is simply too short. I think you need at least a minute or better yet two or five. I've only made 2200m QSOs with JT9 so far. I'm guessing N1BUG (Milo, ME) will do more experimenting...
  14. WQ2H

    Let's go low

    .1374-.1376 would probably be 4-FSK (WSPR2) - hard to know what's outside of that. Could be arcing power lines or solar panels, but who knows. There may be a little JT9 slow modes activity just below that, but conditions haven't been all that good and most LF ops in New England are in Rx mode...
  15. WQ2H

    Wire antenna wire gauge

    I've often thought "wire" is one of the most complex subjects around. :) I use mostly 12 AWG (my favorite is Flexweave 545) for mostly everything: loops, dipoles, and random end-feds. We get a lot of ice here in Cow Hampshire and long runs of 14 seems just on the hairy edge of supporting a few...
  16. WQ2H

    What music are you listening to?

    I can not begin to tell you how many time we saw Frank and the Mothers at the RPI Field House in upstate NY. Always preferred his earlier stuff (Apostrophe to Them or Us) - Watermellon in Easter Hay was a huge favorite.
  17. WQ2H

    Gilsum NH (Webster Hill) repeater back on the air

    The Gilsum NH (Webster Hill) repeater back on the air - 147.3600+ PL 123 as of 22 Jul 2019. The Alstead repeater upgrades - 147.3300+ PL 123 are still in progress. No estimated completion date. Additional information by contacting the admin K1JWM - Jeff Mungovan at jeff.mungovan@yahoo.com...
  18. WQ2H

    Yaesu: New Yaesu FT-3DR

    I have only been using the FT2 only with other FT2s, and I had totally forgotten that the QVGA format was capable of color. Also, I've never sent an image to the FTM-400 (in the car) - but I intend to give it a try. :cool: 73 Jim, WQ2H / WK2XAH
  19. WQ2H

    VHF Anomaly !

    Probably. The only reason I question it, is because coincidentally I had the APRS on an 8-element Yagi (pointed east) while I was doing some antenna work on the verticals mast for a few days. Aside that, I found out that SP8NCG at times uses a 500W APRS beacon from a 100' tower located at about...
  20. WQ2H

    VHF Anomaly !

    Don't really know if this is considered a "skip" - but it sure surprised me. :cool: 73 Jim, WQ2H / WK2XAH