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    Excited to get my SDS-100 until I heard the Conventional Audio

    It possibly has something to do with being a SDR (Software Defined Radio).

    Maybe the Humm is not so bad after all!!!

    An Electric “Humm” To Make You Smarter? http://blogs.discovermagazine.com/neuroskeptic/2019/07/21/an-electric-humm-to-make-you-smarter/

    Portable charger and ups battery backup

    PD Power Bank 50000mAh o_O https://www.amazon.com/Crave-PowerPack-CRVPP101-Ultra-High-Portable/dp/B07PNKC58W?tag=at88-20

    Any updates on Paul (Upman)?

    Thousands of medical miracles occur everyday in our country, just ask the survivors! I'm one of them! (y)

    Trooper Sickened by Handshake Poke

    Possibly Fentanyl!

    Portable charger and ups battery backup

    I highly recommend Anker brand!

    Lack of SDS100 & SDS200 owners in Michigan?

    I might wait awhile longer then order another one, maybe like in six months or better.

    eBay Listing BCT15 in a 996P2 housing?

    Rich: Is it possible he just swapped the system board between cases?

    eBay Listing BCT15 in a 996P2 housing?

    His account could have been hi-jacked. All his feedback except for one is over a year old.
  10. iMONITOR

    eBay Listing BCT15 in a 996P2 housing?

    I stand corrected. I was almost certain the one on Ebay had a green REC OUT jack. But I just checked the red display on both my 996P2's and they don't come anywhere close to that color on the Ebay ad. I tried all the brightness level, completely different. Maybe someone should message him...
  11. iMONITOR

    eBay Listing BCT15 in a 996P2 housing?

    Yes. The seller might be the same guy that bought it previously and is trying to get rid of it. The display is the right color for a BCT15X. If he did nothing wrong he knows where it came from and he can go back at them, with the police!
  12. iMONITOR

    AC Log not showing a com port.

    If you activated the FREE Windows 10 back when you installed it you should be able to re-install Windows 10 for ever after.
  13. iMONITOR

    eBay Listing BCT15 in a 996P2 housing?

    Looking at the back of the radio, the BCT15X has a green REC jack and the BCD996P2 has a black REC jack, just like the EXT SPKR jack. Also it's hard to see in the picture but the BCT15X has a white nylon insulator around the 3-pin 12V power plug. Good thing you caught it! Someone else here on...
  14. iMONITOR

    Looking for Input on a rack mountable Digital Audio Recorder

    There is a lot of nice TASCAM rack mounted recorders on Ebay for a fraction of the price when new. https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=m570.l1313&_nkw=tascam+recorder+rack+mount&_sacat=0
  15. iMONITOR

    11288.0 USB Selcal Check

    It's about time that ICOM IC-R9500 payed off and did something besides just looking pretty! :cool:
  16. iMONITOR

    Pairing IC-R30 with Bluetooth headphones

    I would blame Apple before I would suspect ICOM. Apple products don't play well with others.
  17. iMONITOR

    Michigan's MPSCS data indicating numerous sites encrypted where apparent they are not.

    I'll touch base with him and try to obtain more info. You might know him: fnnm400 (Gary).
  18. iMONITOR

    Michigan's MPSCS data indicating numerous sites encrypted where apparent they are not.

    I downloaded data for MPSCS then imported into Excel that did a sort to show what was encrypted and what wasn't. A friend of mine looked it over comparing it to his data and he said there were numerous TG's shown that he actually monitors as encrypted that he knows for fact are not. Are these...
  19. iMONITOR

    So what is the technical issue with decoding simulcast?

    Well maybe in the smaller cities/townships and non-public safety, but most of what I run across are. Maybe I need to get out more? :rolleyes: