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  1. k2hz

    96.1 FM New York

    You probably heard the Poughkeepsie staiton at Stewart but, in the Adirondacks, WLVF in Norwood (St Lawrence Co.) is most likely with WDEV in Vermont or WODZ Utica also possible. There are many stations on 96.1 in NY and adjacent states and Canada.
  2. k2hz

    Side by side with analog - BCD436 not receiving

    Have you checked the squelch setting? On mine, for AM and NFM CSQ, Squelch 1 is open squelch and 2 is a minimum squelch setting somewhat tighter than I like. It does not open on otherwise weak but readable signals. I find, especially on AM aircraft, squelch settings higher than 2 require fairly...
  3. k2hz

    Flower City LTR talkgroups?

    I seriously doubt Medical Motor Service would need a second TG and the whole nature of the radio operation is different. I find it very odd that they are operating with the split TGs and general type of dispatch like a taxi rather than medical transport. It is more like they are a taxi company...
  4. k2hz

    Flower City LTR talkgroups?

    TGs 010/012 are a mobile/base pair and their dispatching style is typical Taxi operation but I do hear them mention clients with wheelchairs. It is not Medicab or Monroe Transportation, that are on other systems. I don't think Genesee or RMT use radio so I have no idea who it is.
  5. k2hz

    Flower City LTR talkgroups?

    About a year ago, I noticed several long time Flower City subscribers such as Kittleberger Florist had moved to the Finger Lakes (now RadioMax) DMR system. I monitored Flower City for several days with no activity whatsoever on the taxi TGs. I also found other TGs that had apparently gone...
  6. k2hz

    Staten Island Railway CTCSS Tone Change?

    The best explanation I can think of is there is some anomaly that has developed on the SIRT signal that the Whistler scanners are sensitive to. If there is hum or other extraneous low frequency tone on the signal in addition to the PL it could cause some PL decoder circuits to ignore the real...
  7. k2hz

    Staten Island Railway CTCSS Tone Change?

    Some scanners may rarely have a firmware issue with a particular PL tone but I don't think that is the case since you say the WS1080 worked before and then quit. I assume you did not do a firmware upgrade when this happened. I don't know if SIRT has just one or multiple base stations that you...
  8. k2hz

    Staten Island Railway CTCSS Tone Change?

    A 118.8 or 179.9 PL display is often bogus if there is any AC hum in the station's audio. 120/180 Hz - harmonics of 60Hz - are close enough to the nearby PL toes to fool the decoder. This hum used to be common on some railroad systems that used their own signal wire lines for radio remote...
  9. k2hz

    Broadcastify on ROKU

    The "RadioReference.com" channel on ROKU, which has provided Broadcastify feed access for many years, has recently quit working as discussed in the thread: http://forums.radioreference.com/threads/roku-radioreference-app-not-loading-working.390373/ I believe this and similar unofficial and...
  10. k2hz

    Want to Buy SDS-100 But have seen bad reviews with UHF & VHF analog

    I have both a BCD436HP and a SDS100. The 436 is far superior to the SDS100 for everything except local P25 simulcast trunking systems. In my area, with strong signals from a lot of nearby 2-way systems and FM and TV broadcast stations, the SDS100 is very subject to intermod and overload. Recent...
  11. k2hz

    MobileTech NXDN Network

    New Site 13-25 Fulton WQJE618 150.845 RAN 25 It showed up on the Tully Neighbor List.
  12. k2hz

    Monroe County "Direct Fire" and "Direct EMS" frequencies

    Since these are low power (2W MO/MO3) for fireground and similar on-scene incident use, it is doubtful they can be heard at any distance. There is a P25 conventional repeater being added at the Zoo for on-scene use but it is also doubtful it could be heard off-site and it is only for incident...
  13. k2hz

    Rochester fire department online scanner

    I can't stand to listed to feeds that try to cover too many agencies. This P25 feed claims over 60 TGs monitored. I don't see the logic of scanning so many TGs at once or why the Town PD TGs are omitted from the feed but County Public Works (including the Sewer Department) are included. It...
  14. k2hz

    Rochester fire department online scanner

    https://www.broadcastify.com/listen/feed/12174 This feed claims to cover channels 1 & 2 which are Rochester FD but reception of mobiles may be limited since it is located in Webster. There is also a feed (temporarily off-line) for the Monroe/Ontario TRS that covers RFD in addition to almost...
  15. k2hz

    Genesee/Orleans Talk Groups

    The Genesee Public Safety TGs all seem to be correct in the DB. The only issue I raised about Genesee is one or more Public Works TGs seem to be omitted.
  16. k2hz

    Genesee/Orleans Talk Groups

    I think it will take someone in Orleans County to sort this out. My reception of 46.08 now varies from nil to just breaking the squelch with the present noise level on Low Band. What I am hearing is Albion Fire acknowledging a dispatch on 4010 and then responding units en route and on-scene...
  17. k2hz

    Genesee/Orleans Talk Groups

    The interesting thing is that there are no confirmed EMS TGs listed for Orleans and I am not hearing any EMS specific activity. In addition to my intermittent reception, I am listening on the Genesee system so not all Orleans TGs may be carried. It has been a while since I listened to 46.08...
  18. k2hz

    Genesee/Orleans Talk Groups

    Thanks for the reply. I think we can rule out 4015 as water supply since it seems to be some sort of response to dispatch rather than operations like water supply. I need to catch some more activity to pin it down. I get almost 100% reception of the CC showing TG activity but reception of voice...
  19. k2hz

    Genesee/Orleans Talk Groups

    TG 4012 is listed in the RRDB as Medina Fire but it appears to actually be West Response. This would be consistent with the other Response TG numbering. The TG was in use for a fire in Shelby and the dispatcher called the "channel" West Response. I am also hearing occasional activity on TG 4015...
  20. k2hz

    N.Y.S.P. thruway

    Maintenance has their own dedicated frequencies for their operations but they also operate on the main system.