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    Micro USB Connector For SDS200 Front Panel ?

    Looks like that will work
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    BCD325P2: Is there an easier way to lock out DTRS Control channels other than the menu?

    I don't have a 325 but if it can use the GPS and location control that is the best way to switch to different sites when you are on the road and covering a large area
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    SDS200 My 2 cent test on hum

    I don't notice a hum but on vhf and uhf it stops on half the channels with noise breaking the sqelch. Like railroad and air bands not as bad on uhf but not to much to listen to on uhf except dmr
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    SDS200 My 2 cent test on hum

    I would find the sure fire fix on rr not sure what thread but I did seem to work for people that did the fix and call uniden and see if they will do it for you. Print the instructions and send it to uniden. My 200 came with the part and just hummed until it warmed up. I rolled up some copper...
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    QK Navigation Question ?

    I should add if while scrolling through system in a favorite list when it gets to the last system it continues to the next fav list. If you are holding on a SYSTEM when you press SYSTEM then it will hold on the system you scroll to as long as you turn the wheel before the 2nd beep after pushing...
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    QK Navigation Question ?

    You can press SYSTEM and within a few seconds (before the 2nd beep) turn the wheel and it will goto to next/prev system. The same applies if you highlight DEPT or CHANNEL. The only way to stay on or switch to a Favorite list is turn off the others I think
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    How to use quick keys

    V=volume and S=sqelch
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    SDS200 My 2 cent test on hum

    That should work plus will protect from slugs
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    SDS100: PSI serial port command—how do I clear the scanner buffer after setting "PSI,0"

    I was thinking about the PSI command and since it is XML data maybe it would be a good way to send the data to a web site, since a command would not need to be sent, it would be sent at an interval. I am not good at website programming but might be interesting to experiment with sometime
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    How SDS100/200 handles an encrypted signal?

    I dont hear encrypted noise so I think the sds 200 complies how ever the law states it.
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    Icons Question

    The eye symbol is for close call and the arrow shows the scan direction. I missed your other question lol
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    Icons Question

    It is the Close Call indicator. You can toggle on or off when scanning press f then the 1st soft button
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    My coil tude headphones are so quiet on my SDS100 why?

    They do make mono to stereo adapters search on Amazon and try that if it still to low the maybe the impedence mismatch is the problem
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    SDS200 Hum repaired, but returned

    I am curious, my sds200 came with the Mitigation part installed and only hummed until it warmed up then it was gone, I put copper tape rolled up to snug it up and there is no hum. Butt I am curious when I have the Net cable connected, I get alot of UHF and VHF Noise and cannot really scan...
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    SDS200 Hum repaired, but returned

    We will hope whistler stays in the game to keep uniden on there toes
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    SDS100: PSI serial port command—how do I clear the scanner buffer after setting "PSI,0"

    It did not see a need for the PSI, but if your program can process the data and be ready to recieve when the data comes from the scanner it would probably work. I suppose if your program gets behind you could adjust the the interval or read all the data available and parse some how excluding...
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    SDS100: PSI serial port command—how do I clear the scanner buffer after setting "PSI,0"

    I have not used the PSI command and I dont think there is any way to clear the buffers in the scanner other then reading the data. I have used in C# the GSI command to read the XML till it reads the end (</ScannerInfo>\r). I would think that would work for the PSI as well, if you read all the...
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    alert LED on sds 100

    In case this helps On my sds200, if I push the volume it toggles the brightness and there is a setting to have the display off untill a signal then turns on. I would think there is equivalent on the 100
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    Weather Monitoring Question ? (and, re battery ?)

    The batt status is for the sds100 not the 200 probably just left it there by mistake. You can remove/replace it. In the menu goto Display Options then select Customizing you will see alot of options to Customize color and display fields. Alot to play with their to customize your display. Rssi...
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    SDS200 Hum repaired, but returned

    *Spying :cool: