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  1. NWI_Scanner_Guy

    I'm Back!

    (y) (y)(y)
  2. NWI_Scanner_Guy

    I'm Back!

    Welcome back Jon!!!
  3. NWI_Scanner_Guy

    Baofeng GT-3TP Programming

    TailGator911, were you ever successful in getting your GT-3TP programmed? I recently bought one and was having a heck of a time getting it programmed. I kept getting the "failed to communicate with radio" error message. After scouring the internetm as well as the miklor.com website, I finally...
  4. NWI_Scanner_Guy

    HP-2: Peculiar reception problem

    Well, a new SD card has seemed to help....somewhat. It's picking up some transmissions now when scanning from the full database. Whereas before. when it was "parked" on the Illinois STARCOM-21 system and not picking up anything, the radio is now receiving stuff, although I suspect there are TG's...
  5. NWI_Scanner_Guy

    HP-2: Peculiar reception problem

    Yes, the DB is up to date and 99% of it matches up to my FL's. That 1% difference is mostly alpha tag labeling changes I made for description clarity. All freqs and service types match up 100%. I'm currently at work and I just thought of this (and it may be a long shot), but I may try a new...
  6. NWI_Scanner_Guy

    HP-2: Peculiar reception problem

    Just within the past couple of days, my HP-2 doesn't seem to want to pickup any transmissions when scanning from the full database, but yet "hears" everything just fine when scanning from my favorites lists. Any idea what could be causing this and, more importantly, any idea on how to correct...
  7. NWI_Scanner_Guy

    Funny/Odd things heard on the scanner

    I work the overnight shift at a hotel and pretty much always have my scanner on. Last night, the local police got a call to a neighboring hotel to respond to a male running naked through the parking lot harassing its guests. o_O
  8. NWI_Scanner_Guy

    Indiana MD-UV380 codeplug

    I did see your offer of help and I appreciate it, but I don't know exactly where you're located and since I don't drive, I would have no way of getting there.
  9. NWI_Scanner_Guy

    Indiana MD-UV380 codeplug

    Looks promising. I'll give it a more in depth check out later on today when I have more time. Thanks.
  10. NWI_Scanner_Guy

    Indiana MD-UV380 codeplug

    Not using hot spots. I'm still too much of a DMR noob to even think about hotspots. No, I'm using whatever information for talkgroups and simplex freqs that was in the codeplug I downloaded from the Hoosier DMR page. I'm beginning to think that perhaps the radio is defective as it doesn't seem...
  11. NWI_Scanner_Guy

    Indiana MD-UV380 codeplug

    The Parrot not working would explain why I'm not hearing anything when I test, but I don't understand why I'm not receiving anything period. I've had the radio on since 6:30am this morning for a couple hours each on three different talkgroups via the Gary U/V zone (Local, NA and WW Eng) and I...
  12. NWI_Scanner_Guy

    Indiana MD-UV380 codeplug

    For Northwest Indiana DMR users, which zone do you use? I installed the July 2018 codeplug I got from the vault, but I can't seem to transmit, and no matter how long I "park" on certain channels, I'm not hearing anything. I've tried with the Gary zone, the Crown Point zone and the Chicago zone...
  13. NWI_Scanner_Guy

    Indiana MD-UV380 codeplug

    That's where I found the one dated July of 2018. :)
  14. NWI_Scanner_Guy

    Indiana MD-UV380 codeplug

    Does anyone have a current Indiana codeplug for a MD-UV380? I'm giving this radio another try (sold my previous one about six months ago), but I'm finding programming it is difficult, which is why I sold the last one. I've read tutorials and watched some videos, but I am just about ready to pull...
  15. NWI_Scanner_Guy

    SDS100 and Ham Bands

    My SDS100 is pretty deaf on those bands as well. My eight plus year old BCT15X is head and shoulders above the 100 for those bands.
  16. NWI_Scanner_Guy

    Where are all the SDS100 small batteries?

    I kept my small battery and sold the bigger batter / cover.
  17. NWI_Scanner_Guy

    Lost my SDS100 (Found!)

    Exactly. My radios have just my first name, an email address and my phone number.
  18. NWI_Scanner_Guy

    SDS100: Custom search gets "stuck" after a DMR transmission

    Well, whatever the issue was, it seems to have "fixed" itself. All day yesterday and so far this morning, after a DMR transmission is done, the scanner will now resume its search without needing any action from me. Don't know what happened, but I'll take it. :)
  19. NWI_Scanner_Guy

    SDS100: Is this going to...

    This may have been asked already, but with the bigger battery / door, how does the scanner handle the belt clip? :)
  20. NWI_Scanner_Guy

    SDS100: Battery

    When I put the tracking number in that Uniden sent me, it's showing a Nov 23rd delivery date, but seeing that yours arrived today, I'll be hoping for a today or tomorrow delivery. :)