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    The end of scanner development and mfg.

    Apparently, the poster I quoted did not. Everything isn't about you. I doubt I was underestimating that particular poster. It's already being done. If you have the connections and/or the financial resources, you too can get yourself a fully keyed radio or access to a private stream. No...
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    DSDPlus Possible bug for DSDPlus v2.205

    I see the same thing here on TIII systems. At the end of a call, DSD+ goes back to monitoring the control channel slot, but the control channel is still broadcasting grant / late entry messages for the call, so DSD+ goes back to the voice channel slot. This continues until either the late entry...
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    Portable Jump Packs

    Way overpriced.
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    RTL-SDR Dipole Base - Thread Issues?

    For stuff made in China? Hm...
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    The end of scanner development and mfg.

    That's ridiculous. You think that AES is some sort of licensed algorithm? You're just making up nonsense. More willful ignorance on your part. Au contraire. We would all love to hear your method for sidestepping AES256. Don't be so shy. Some of you guys are quite the BS artists.
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    DSD+ Scanlist management

    I use <EOF> lines to separate scan lists and move the list that I want to scan to the top of the file. It's not ideal, but I get by. FMP24.ScanList: list #1 ... <EOF> list #2 ... <EOF> list #3 ... <EOF> ...
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    FMP-Map.exe help Please

    What version of FMP-Map are you running?
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    FleetConnect Site 27?

    It sounds like they're reusing frequencies out of necessity / shortage of other pairs. I don't think the two sites have appropriate separation.
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    DSD+ Channel Activity window never populates on one P25 trunked system

    This sounds like something that they would want to fix. Maybe your email ended up in their spam folder? I would try contacting them again, perhaps with no attachments in your email. Or upload some raw CC audio somewhere (here, if it's short/small enough) and we can all send it to them. :)
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    Need help with DSD+ FL and p25 trunk

    So... That's an old 3600 bps CC Motorola system? DSD+ doesn't decode those.
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    Need help with DSD+ FL and p25 trunk

    You wouldn't happen to have signal decoding polarity reversed? Try pressing P in DSD+. And, dumb question, but are you sure you're tuned to a control channel? If you're still stuck, press R in DSD+ to record some raw audio, then press R again in a few seconds to stop recording, then upload the...
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    DSDPlus Fast Lane - Desktop Presentation (Configuration)

    I use desktop shortcuts to the DSD+ and FMPx batch files and those shortcuts have editable properties that control console window position, size, scrollback depth and colors. Easy peasy and no need to stare at fugly white on black console windows.
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    Russia breaches FBI counter intel handheld device encryption (~2012-16)

    You're duplicating an existing thread.
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    DSD+ FL 1R mode - not returning to control channel?

    Those aren't your actual command lines. FMP24 barfs on -p -1.0. As does DSD+ on -V4. -q1 (squelch) is not required or a good idea with any digital signals. -n1 (noise filtering) may mess with P25 PSK signals. -t1 (tighter bandpass filters) may also, but I never use them, so I really have no...
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    Need help with DSD+ FL and p25 trunk

    7.6 kHz bandwidth is inappropriate for P25 monitoring. Press B in FMP24 to change it to 9.5 or 12.5 kHz. And you only need one dongle to monitor P25 calls. Start DSD+ via the 1R.bat file.
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    May Be Quitting The Hobby

    I applaud your can't do attitude.
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    May Be Quitting The Hobby

    Discriminator taps are free and let you monitor ProVoice, P25, DMR, NXDN, ...
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    DSDPlus Siteloader Is NICE!

    All you have to do is manually tune to a P25 site once, or tune to one of its neighbors, and then DSD+ knows the control channel frequencies. No need to do extra work. If your site loader display is red, check your .P25data file.
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    DSDPlus Siteloader Is NICE!

    P25 trunking systems don't need any entries in DSDPlus.frequencies. I don't have any and don't need any to use the site loader.
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    DSDPlus Version 2.197 not showing DMR aliases in Event window

    I would think that ham DMR would show with whatever network ID and site numbers that you assigned to it.