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  1. inigo88

    San Bernardino County P25 and rebanded systems

    Exactly this. I just did a big update last night but if you don't make submissions we're not likely to see this thread and make changes just based on your forum posts. 1. Use the forums to collaborate with each other. 2. Verify your info (we aren't allowed to accept "unverified" information)...
  2. inigo88

    Sacramento P25 system

    Thanks. By policy we don't add unverified talkgroup information. We also don't indefinitely leave "planned" talkgroup info in a system that hasn't cut over yet. However in this case in light of the fact that UCD Fire has a P25 site that has already been intermittently tested I think now is the...
  3. inigo88

    Sacramento P25 system

    I received a submission with the UC Davis Fire talkgroups and added them to the SRRCS P25 system. In light of the fact that they're doing site coverage testing, should we keep them in the database? Or hold off?
  4. inigo88

    Fort Irwin

    Can't help specifically with this one, but agreed on the above. Case in point the two separate large 14C systems in San Diego. :)
  5. inigo88

    SDRCS talkgroup 22256

    Note that if you Unitrunk these SDG&E talkgroups on the RCS, they almost always have one radio ID. Meaning you're hearing the SDG&E 900 MHz Motorola Smartnet system being patched over. Give the 900 MHz system a listen and see if you can figure out which talkgroup is being patched over...
  6. inigo88

    NextGen testing

    Great logs Brian! RCS NextGen system has been added to the database: https://www.radioreference.com/apps/db/?sid=10521 I can barely hear the site 1-45 control channel on 852.575 from mid city, so I'm guessing this is the North Simulcast Cell (not west). If anyone can confirm that would be...
  7. inigo88

    San Diego City 800MHz Trunked System Rebanding Information

    There's been some submissions to the 800 MHz system in response to this thread, so I thought I'd drop some historical perspective in here. The 800 MHz system city simulcast site is indeed site 002, and here's why: The SD 700 MHz and 800 MHz systems are on the same Motorola ASTRO 25 Zone...
  8. inigo88

    San Diego City 800MHz Trunked System Rebanding Information

    Thanks to @LAflyer for the timely updates to the system frequencies the day of. I’ve since been able to run Unitrunker to get all the control channels in the db, so there shouldn’t be any further issues for those with RR based scanners.
  9. inigo88

    San Diego City 800MHz Trunked System Rebanding Information

    Nicely done! The forums are always abuzz with “OMG MY SCANNER STOPPED WORKING!” threads after events like this happen. I was passed by a PD unit rolling code this morning, turned on the scanner and realized there was no control channel being decoded. Hmm, could have only been one of two...
  10. inigo88

    SDPD Encrypted tacs

    Based on monitoring the last few days I've confirmed 46416 is Inquiry 1 (Encrypted). I strongly suspect 46512 is Inquiry 2 (Encrypted), because both are dispatch talkgroups. I've seen dispatch come up on a few others but on an infrequent basis only.
  11. inigo88

    SDPD Encrypted tacs

    Not much activity on the encrypted area tacs the last few days, but I was surprised to see the most active encrypted talkgroup is.... INQUIRY! It moved to TG 46416 and encrypted. Very anticlimactic when I finally figured that one out. :)
  12. inigo88

    Questions on Telepath Corporation database entry

    You bring up an excellent point, which is that the RR FCC license tool is amazingly useful but lacks the full information you get by doing a ULS license search. Often if I'm trying to determine the true system owner (especially commercial SMR types) I find the licenses initially with the RR...
  13. inigo88

    LA County EMS Exclusive Operating Areas (EOAs)

    Just a quick update, this talkgroup list was PM'ed to me after making this thread: NSTN Mt Lukens 1: https://www.radioreference.com/apps/db/?sid=5261 NSTN "Multi" (Mt Lukens, Oat, Sierra): https://www.radioreference.com/apps/db/?sid=5750 NSTN Sunset Ridge...
  14. inigo88

    LA County EMS Exclusive Operating Areas (EOAs)

    This is the big one that I couldn't reconcile. Each of these private ambulance companies that have EOA contracts will also be running interfacility transfers and BLS calls unrelated to the county 911 system. Chances are they'll be using the same radios in all their rigs, and may or may have a...
  15. inigo88

    LA County EMS Exclusive Operating Areas (EOAs)

    Hey guys, One thing I've thought we could do better for a while in LA County is present the private ambulance companies providing exclusive 911 service in a more straightforward way. For example, AMR's Green 1 & Green 2 freqs for the Antelope Valley/Santa Clarita are buried under "other...
  16. inigo88

    California Department of Corrections Rehabilitation updates

    CCCF site NAC added (2A2) along with a few talkgroups.
  17. inigo88

    California Department of Corrections Rehabilitation updates

    I did but forgot to write it down. I'll follow up with one soon. :)
  18. inigo88

    California Department of Corrections Rehabilitation updates

    Added California City Correctional Facility. CCI Tehachapi has also likely made the switch.
  19. inigo88

    Analog or digital for Monterey?

    I was there recently and monitored sheriff and fire on the digital system. Both primary talkgroups had only a radio ID of "0", so apparently 100% of the sheriff and fire traffic is still on analog and being patched over to the P25 system. Just FYI.
  20. inigo88

    CARS 5

    It kicked back as being an erroneous talkgroup (not divisible by 16), so I wasn't sure if there was a status bit or what. Turned out to just be a typo, the deprecated talkgroup it's replacing (IMB INV 70) is actually 34336. Thanks Anderegg! :) All sheriff area "investigations" talkgroups were...