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  1. jmayson

    Legacy Upgrade PSR 800 to Whistler DMR

    My PSR-800 arrived today from Whistler following the upgrade. Here was my experience. I live in Austin and the radio was "deaf" to the local simulcast system. I experienced the same in Plano. However it worked great scanning the TxWARN, Louisiana, and Mississippi systems. So I figured my...
  2. jmayson

    Legacy Upgrade PSR 800 to Whistler DMR

    I just sent my PSR-800 in. I do have a question. Am I going to run into the same driver issue with Windows 10 that I had with the legacy scanner and software? My only Windows computer is very locked down and allowing unsigned drivers isn't an option.
  3. jmayson

    Legalities of scanners in Asia

    They do. The traffic in Penang appears to be Hokkien. Which I don't speak. :-) Sent from my Moto G (4) using Tapatalk
  4. jmayson

    Hillsborough Co EDACS west system

    Thank you for the replies. I'm back in Austin now. It must have been something with how I had my scanner programmed. I'll try again next visit. :-)
  5. jmayson

    Hillsborough Co EDACS west system

    I am currently in the Tampa city limits near Chamberlain High School. I can hear the county's east system just fine. But not the west. I have a GRE PSR-800. I have confirmed I have the latest RR database and the west system is in my scanner. Is the west system hard to hear? Or is there...
  6. jmayson

    Legalities of scanners in Asia

    Malaysia According to the sign in the customs area of Penang airport it's illegal to import "broadcast receivers capable of receiving radio, communication within the ranges (68-87) MHz and (108-174) MHz".
  7. jmayson

    GPS-aware app for Android

    I thought about this while driving back from New Mexico last week. All of the scanner apps I have used are GPS-aware in that they can offer nearby feeds. Is there an app that will automatically switch as you travel from jurisdiction to jurisdiction? That way you're always listening to the locals.
  8. jmayson

    TxWARN system in Austin

    I have a GRE PSR-800 which programs itself off RadioReference.com. Under Travis County it gives the option to load the TxWARN system. So I did and it's great. I hear all sorts of stuff on it. The only problem is I don't know what I'm listening to. I don't see any sites on RR anywhere near...
  9. jmayson

    PSR-800 software error code 740

    You should be able to right-click on the icon and select "run as administrator". I ran into the same issue.
  10. jmayson

    Storing EZ Scan Digital folder elsewhere

    Since Windows isn't my primary operating system (I'm a Mac guy) I mapped My Documents to My Dropbox accomplishing what I wanted to accomplish (but not exactly what I wanted to do and I shouldn't have to go to this extreme to do it). Now I can access my files from any computer and it's backed up...
  11. jmayson

    Storing EZ Scan Digital folder elsewhere

    I know the EZ Scan Digital software for the PSR-800 can be put on a thumb drive along with the data. But what I want to do is keep my software on my hard drive, but store the data in my Dropbox folder. Has anyone figured this one out? The software doesn't appear to be very configurable.