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    Channel 38 LSB

    I guess out of curiosity, anyone know why Channel 38 LSB been chosen as the "defacto" calling channel for DX contacts on CB? I mean, it just seems people call out, make a contact, and then continue to call out for additional contacts on same frequency (causing pile ups when the bands are open)...
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    Italy PCN-60 With No Install Directions Help Please

    Check you tube for Snake Radio Customs. Get his contact info. Reach out to him and see if he will assist. If he won't, your best bet is to just buy an external amp and have that as your set up. Is it legal? No, but so is doing 70 mph on a highway with a speed limit of 55.... Search...
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    Clean tune of CB radio?

    Mikes Radio Repair, I believe has gone silent. He was very good and hooked me up real well on a 980. You can check out his older videos on You Tube. Also check out Snake Radio Customs (via YouTube). I believe his contact info is on his channel. Some people don't like him or his work, but I...
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    Antenna for mobile CB, used as base CB

    Try this hamstick dipole configuration used as a base set up. Uses two antennas. Do a bit of research on the set up. Works quite well. I've used something similar as a temp set up on an extendable painters pole set up in a patio table umbrella stand and it worked very well set up both...
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    Mobile Scanner Antenna Suggestions

    Thank You Thank you all for your replies and recommendations. Much appreciated!!
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    Mobile Scanner Antenna Suggestions

    Hello folks, want to pick your brains to see if anyone has a recommendation on a wide band mobile antenna. I have an NMO Mount that I'd like to use as the antenna mount. I live in NJ so I'd primarily listen to local VHF/UHF conventional systems, FDNY, as well as trunked systems such as NJ...
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    Best option for indoor antenna second floor room?

    Indoor CB Antenna I've never tried this one so I do not know how well it works. I suspect it won't work very well but you can certainly try -
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    Monmouth County Trunked Fire TGs

    Good evening, I have searched the site and I couldn't find an answer to my question so I figured I'd post here. I have the conventional VHF Monmouth County Fire frequencies programmed into my 536HP as well as the Monmouth County Public Safety Trunked sites programmed as well. I live in...
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    Whistler 900 cb radio

    Radio Repair Check out YouTube user "Mikes Radio Repair". You can probably contact him and set up the repair. He's quite good, I sent him a radio and he did a pretty good job on it. Worth a shot if you want to get your radio fixed.
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    Which ham HF models can be modified for C.B. and Freeband transmit?

    Check out Bells CB Radio. I'm sure you will find what you're looking for there.
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    better range???

    I mean c'mob It's also illegal to drive 65 mph in a 55 mph zone but I'm sure most of us do it.
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    Stryker 94-hpc

    I have the same radio in my '16 Chevy Colorado. Excellent little radio.
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    CB Radios with SSB

    HerpegonosyphilAIDS Man, I once knew someone that contracted "HerpegonosyphilAIDS", what a terrible disease...
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    The Cobra 148GTL was the best CB ever made, but that was 43 years ago! Now what?

    Stryker makes good radios nowadays. As does President. The President Lincoln II is a good radio, as is the Stryker 955. Uniden 980 isn't bad either.
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    Anthem Of The Seas

    Did they confiscate it? What did you do with the scanner once they found it? Assuming they wouldn't let you board with it...
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    My First CB Base Station: Bucks County, PA 19047

    Cool. I know a guy in PA that works on the 980's, he and another guy have engineered boards that expand the radio, if u want his email address, PM me. I just got one back and it's great
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    What is the cheapest bcd436hp/536hp you have purchased

    60 bucks?? Have you used it? Any issues with the scanner?
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    My First CB Base Station: Bucks County, PA 19047

    Nice set up. How's that antenna working for you? Any issues?
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    CB Radios with SSB

    Can't go wrong with the Uniden 980 SSB, KL203 Amp, and an Expansion Board to allow all the extra frequencies. A few youtube searches will provide more info. For about $275 you get a radio that has TX/RX in the 26.5 - 28.5 MHz range with Upper and Lower Sideband. Additionally, with the carrier...