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    Bridgewater Place Grand Rapids

    Do you remember Amays frequency and pl. I work Federal Security at the Ford and worked at the Public Museum and wanted to get all of us talking together due to shootings around town. I knew Marriott went DMR and Grand Valley is DMR and City Ramp is FRS lol.
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    Bridgewater Place Grand Rapids

    Anyone have freqs and pl for Bridgewater Place in Grand Rapids
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    Federal Protective services Boise, Idaho

    I work for a Presidential Museum we use FPS frequencies UHF in the clear. FPS Frequencies
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    Does anyone have a complete list of Ottawa County Public Safety vhf frequencies rx and tx and pl tones. RR is not up to date
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    Metro Hospital Grand Rapids

    Anyone have the Security Department frequencies for METRO Hospital
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    Cpd handhelds

    What does CPD use for handheld radios. Why so many open keys
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    FBI Atlanta Division HQ contract security uses FRS/GMRS radios

    Um I work contract security at a Presidential Museum and we use FPS frequencies
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    CPD radio term question

    What is a ISR?
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    BCD536HP: Band Pass Filter

    Thanks everyone for the info
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    BCD536HP: Band Pass Filter

    I purchased a BPF 800 W Band Pass Filter as I was told this would help with the simulcast problem. I attached it to my BCD536HP and then attached the antenna. It knocked out all signals. Am I doing something wrong or did I just waste $50 Help please thanks
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    Notre Dame PD on 800mhz

    UM my son in law works for Notre Dame PD and they are in radio testing mode. The tower has been up and installed on campus.
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    Notre Dame PD on 800mhz

    Has anyone heard Notre Dame PD on 800mhz. They are switching to Indiana Sate Police system
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    Dispatch merger talk resumes, Grand Rapids

    Grand Rapids The MSP radio techs said new towers as Grand Rapids sucks downtown
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    Shooting on CMU campus

    They went to Event 5 for night ops
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    Ok I have reached my senior citizen status and am getting confused. I sentenil I have a folder EOC do I need to add Michigan MPSCS also or can I just have a folder with eoc and the state eoc talkgroups
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    Allegan Talk groups

    Anyone have a talk group for the Gun Lake Tribal Police. Are their unit numbers 810?
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    BCD536HP: P25 garbled

    I added a 800mhz yagi. $28.00 on ebay and it solved 99% of my simulcast distortion.
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    Barry county

    No text when I click on the link
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    BCD436 Backlight

    Is there a way to keep the backlight on all of the time
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    Our airport TSA is 172.90000 001NAC P25. How do I enter that into sentinel software? thanks, old man newb