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  1. ramal121

    Dual XPR4550 receive audio inhibit

    Accessory connector can be programmed for RX Audio Mute and Clear To Send. Maybe cross wire these between radios? Never tried it. I like the suggestion of one radio with two mics better.
  2. ramal121

    tk-790 (90 series) hook up to tone remote

    I would use the DB25. All the signals are there. You could use Molex on the back of a remote head but receive audio is only speaker audio and probably not the best to use. To use the the DB25 connector you'll have to: Confirm a jumper is set to provide mic audio at pin 13 Add a 10k...
  3. ramal121

    NX700 Caller ID Display Duration

    Use the auto reset timer located in the section of whatever signalling type you are using to show ID's.
  4. ramal121

    Connecting accessories to a CM200

    Active level is which way an I/O goes when it is considered activated. For example, the PTT line needs to be grounded and brought to 0 volts to transmit. This is an active low signal. If you apply 5 volts to a pin to make something happen this is active high. Debounce is the amount of time...
  5. ramal121

    Crimping tool for accessory connector pins.

    If you don't want to shop ebay, search for part HLN9457A. It's a connector kit with pre-made wires included.
  6. ramal121

    TK-6110 rekeys after transmit

    I had a repeater long ago that was a Micor mobile hacked into full duplex service. For whatever reason the COR line would "burp" whenever the transmit would drop. This would cause the repeater to re-key and chase its tail over and over. I had to do a home brew fix to debounce the COR line to...
  7. ramal121

    Connecting accessories to a CM200

    The problem here is the CM200 does not encode QCII. Your only option is to use ANI on a transmission. This would limit you to either DTMF or MDC1200. I would stick with DTMF as MDC is a little more difficult to set up. You can use QCII if you have a CM300 or a PM400 but would require button...
  8. ramal121

    Connecting accessories to a CM200

    Here's what I found out. The CM300 and PM400 models will DECODE DTMF but require an option board to be installed. The CM200 will not decode at all. Probably easier to use an external decoder that hunt down an option board. To ENCODE DTMF from the front buttons you will need a display radio...
  9. ramal121

    CM200 and a ST-804A.

    Ok, so it looks like your encoder is hooked to flat transmit audio along with pin 8 programmed as data PTT that will use the flat audio input. My question is, are you using an outboard DTMF decoder at the far end? The sibling to your encoder would be a ST-809 decoder. If that is the case then...
  10. ramal121

    CM200 and a ST-804A.

    That doesn't make sense. For a simple encoder the three wires would use: Pin 2 = External Mic In Pin 3 = External PTT Pin 7 = Ground If you can attach a photo that would help.
  11. ramal121

    NX-700 DTMF Mic

    Yes there is. In KPG-111DN check Edit>Key Assignment to set the function of the mic.
  12. ramal121

    CM200 and a ST-804A.

    Also I'm not so sure the ST-804 is wired correctly. The correct way to identify pin numbers (that I use) is to look at the back of the connector (where the wires exit) and have the plastic tab on the bottom side facing you. Upper right is pin one and lower right is pin two. You count right to...
  13. ramal121


    And to add, Connect Plus requires the hardware option board. It's not a simple EID.
  14. ramal121

    CM200 and a ST-804A.

    If you are using DTMF, the CM200 already has the ability to encode this without the need to add on an external encoder. It would be set up as PTT ID using DTMF and you would just need to add the key switch (with or without the momentary push button) to the PTT pin on the back of the radio to set...
  15. ramal121

    Help with 2-tone programming Minitor 6

    Possible. Do you have any switches set for monitor? You could check for squelch breaks as you walk around.
  16. ramal121

    Most Unique Antenna Installation Ever...

    So what? I'm gonna blast the juice down through all ten floors regardless of how many elements it takes.
  17. ramal121

    Why snail mail?

    You wouldn't believe the mess some VE teams mail back to the VEC. W9BU is correct, it has to be all sorted out before it is entered for e-file to the FCC. Paper makes sense for them to arrange everything. It has been this way for years. By the way, ARRL uses priority mail which gets the package...
  18. ramal121

    Pro-197 is microphonic

    Is that the only place it seems sensitive? Maybe if you can photograph the flip side of the board and point to the spot where the microphonics are the worst. It is caused by mechanically modulating the VCO. The tuning changes by the vibration applied to it and is demodulated like any FM signal...
  19. ramal121

    Have some questions on antenna placement

    Is this a legit post or are you punking us? This is a "rabbit ear" antenna made to attach to the back of a tv set. Been around since before I Love Lucy. If you want to use this the best way for 700/800 is keep it fully collapsed, spread the elements 180 degrees apart and mount them vertical...
  20. ramal121

    Kenwood TK_790 Firmware Version Check

    Bring up the firmware program mode (F2/Power) and then press MON.