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    Is it possible to receive computer aided dispatching messages?

    Generally sent via ENC [per NCIC] cellular data, there are still agencies who will use their own RF, but tougher to provide full coverage
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    Marshfield trunked system These should help
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    As many as the system is programmed for.
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    Sudbury, Mass. (Middlesex) Highway Department Freq's ?

    Not confirmed in years
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    Updated MSCommNet Programming Files ??

    Changes to the system are generated by "You" the user, the RRDB is not updated just upon an FCC license [many not even used] If you see something missing and have actually confirmed it's use, Please make a DB submission
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    Hot Springs National Park Police

    Might be worth spending time in SCAN for 162-174 and see what you find Many Agencies are making changes to conform with the long ago posted NTIA changes
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    Encryption tag question

    keep in-mind the RRDB is populated by user submissions and YMMV I've seen agencies flagged [due to a user submission] for the 100% ENC [E] yet my monitoring shows partial or none and DB submissions/corrections are submitted As one member mentioned, do not rule out keeping that TG in your scan...
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    NFL/College football sidelines

    Listen Yes, Decode/Decrypt - NO
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    Wiki fatal error

    Getting [Xcb1AiI9-dIDNhdkq-@Z5wAAAAk] 2019-11-09 17:18:58: Fatal exception of type "Error" at 12:21 pm Eastern for the recent updates
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    New 800MHz Interop in Butler County

    Basically - Simplex or using someone elses Repeater your Part 90 license covers you under the NIFOG or State License Installing a Repeater or Base - you need to Apply [contact the SWIC for the policy in your state] for a License
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    New 800MHz Interop in Butler County

    All depends on how the SWIC and state agency the SWIC works for wants to handle these Some states hold the License vs having individual agencies, counties get the license. Best to find out how PA handles this, thru the SWIC
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    New 800MHz Interop in Butler County

    All depends on how a state and neighboring states want to handle it. some find it easier to go with a "Mother May I use, and can you enable" vs un-coordinated chaos of multiple repeaters being tripped because one person is at enough elevation to hit 3-5 repeaters at the same time...
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    Carroll County or Local Command Frequency?

    Many channels have never been reported/shared/posted. Nice Find. 153.8900 is licensed to Milton under KZM812 Looking at the license, this is the input to their 154.3250 Repeater, altho they are dispatched by Carroll County SNE has a policy of not listing inputs, so 153.8900 would not be...
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    More help with 800mhz mass trunking

    Most are already documents, not sure if you will find any new ones. The one exception is/would be how the radio handles Patches, Emergency Buttons etc Post what you think might be New/Unknown
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    New 800MHz Interop in Butler County

    Contact your SWIC who should be aware of where those IO sites are. Many agencies keep them DOWN, until asked to turn them on, maybe someone forgot to disable them
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    New 800MHz Interop in Butler County

    the 800 Interops are to be Analog 156.7 Only Looks like someone did something they should not have.....
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    More help with 800mhz mass trunking

    If you go with a beam, here are the main sites to aim for
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    Radio Shack Pager

    Google is a friend
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    New 800MHz Interop in Butler County

    The "D" represents Direct aka Simplex, not Digital See Page 51 -
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    More help with 800mhz mass trunking the RS-2055 aka Pro-97 aka GRE does do CC Only for the OP You should alway enable all 4 of the Control channels. That way when it changes, CC's you are not in a panic it does not hurt to have the other voice channels in that bank either, no...