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    Westbrook Maine Police

    Westbrook PD using analog presently, 155.130 PL 186.2. Westbrook Fire is using DMR with the listed parameters.
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    484.925/162.2 is Methuen FD, simulcasting 154.01.
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    Lowell PD

    Yes, TAC-2 is fully encrypted.
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    Another new freq for rolljnsford

    WCRJ221; antenna is now installed on the water tank.
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    New Hampshire State Police

    Majority of comms are in the clear. Dispatch side is seldomly encrypted.
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    Rockingham Sheriffs Office

    The Pro-106 can receive simulcast transmissions, but they are harder for the scanner to decode. You can try moving the scanner to a different spot, or turning on the attenuator for the Rock County freqs.
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    Rockport Maine Police department

    Could be bleed over from Camden PD 154.800?
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    Rockingham Sheriffs Office

    I only listen to the East Channel (154.950), and it is a hard copy in the Portsmouth/Newington (and southern York County) area with significant simulcast distortion.
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    Kittery to take over Berwick area dispatch.

    Sanford RCC will take over dispatching effective 29 August.
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    It could be Windham County Sheriff; they are P25 on 460.450, NAC 380.
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    Local police station

    I believe Newport PD is encrypted.
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    Rollinsford local now repeater

    Dover PD/FD is migrating to a networked simulcast system, with transmitters at the water tank on Long Hill Road, and the water treatment plant on Middle Road. The tower on Garrison Hill will be receive-only.
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    Rollinsford local now repeater

    The repeater IS on the air, but not at the water tower (no antennas up yet). Not sure where it is. Garrison Hill?
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    Massachusetts NXDN activity

    Railroads - Scan New England Wiki
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    Vermont Railway on OneVoice DMR Trunked?

    I would imagine that the VHF repeaters would remain, to allow other railroads (ST, CP, NECR, Amtrak) to communicate with the dispatcher.
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    Vermont Railway on OneVoice DMR Trunked?

    The locomotive have newly-installed UHF antennas (in addition to the UHF telemetry antennas), so not just for repeater linking.
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    OneVoice MotoTRBO Connect Plus Net 171

    I've been told by a reliable source that Vermont Rail System has a DMR talkgroup(s?) patched to their VHF repeater system.
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    Vermont Railway on OneVoice DMR Trunked?

    I have confirmed that VRS has indeed switched to One Voice. Their talkgroup (or talkgroups?) is patched to VRS Channel 2, 161.190 MHz at least. In the past, Channels 2 and 3 (160.290) were patched together, but when I was in the area I heard traffic on 161.190 but not on 160.290. Switching ops...
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    Vermont Railway on OneVoice DMR Trunked?

    As of October 2017 they were still VHF analog.
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    Southern ME MSCOMMNET coverage

    Yes, I believe the system was engineered for mobile coverage, not portable coverage. Being inside a vehicle will degrade your performance even more.