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    RS PRO-2009 won't tune anymore

    he meant the brains.
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    Realistic Pro-39 Repair Help

    i have broken many of those cores. you could unscrew it and just try anyone that fits. i know this sounds horrible, but if it is broken, you could fix it by mistake. best of luck
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    Realistic Pro-39 Repair Help

    why all the concern for just that part ?
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    Do you hear things on Interoperabile frequencies?

    to bryan herbert... depending on what the radio calls it. hold/ system dwell time, set it to 0 (zero). delay, set it to 2. there is a big difference on what they do. hold means it stays and scans that system. delay is for after a squelch break (talking).
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    Davis county newbie

    he can't PM yet...
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    New scanner help

    did you try the online broadcastify on this site ?
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    Uniden BC75XLT handheld antenna IF you only want one band, then you get a one band antenna. any piece of metal will receive something. my motorola 150 antenna does just a pinch better than the radio shack 800 for the space station...
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    996p2 screen issue

    Adjusting the Display Contrast This setting controls the display’s contrast. 1. Scroll to ‘Adjust Contrast’ and press E/. 2. At ‘Contrast 1-15’ scroll to the preferred contrast level and press E/ to save and exit. Set Backlight you can also change the intensity by pressing 'VOL' to toggle your...
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    Missouri frequency help

    no, but they the are digital. DMR is digital mobile radio cc is color code tg is talk group sl is slot
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    450.2875 - what am picking up

    you live in new york...put on TV channel 2 and put the radio on.
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    BCD996P2 Reset another one to look at. or at least keep you pressing buttons.
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    450.2875 - what am picking up

    just waiting for the live shot of something. keep an eye on the news. and keep listening to the radio.
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    What is this odd activity on Channel 7 - 462.7125 MHz

    or it could be like what some guy did down here in venice florida. this was years ago. he had an FRS radio set to channel 3 and had VOX on with the scanner nearby. the only give away was the small delay in the squelch opening and a VERY small lag during the transmission. i usually travel with a...
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    450.2875 - what am picking up

    while traveling around town and is the next county i have heard FM radio stations using these frequencies. without listening to the broadcast i have picked up books for the kids and a led zeppelin CD for myself. "the next person that comes up and says i listen to XX radio i have a___" i would...
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    BCD996P2 Reset

    i know it is for the 396T, but there might be overlap.
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    New scanner help

    cheap guy here. how about online...
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    Connecting a CB on 1 antenna line

    transmitters and scanners DO NOT MIX WELL.
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    Arkansas Police Scanner help for a newbie! Please!

    i should add, if it sounds like R2D2 it is encryption.
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    Arkansas Police Scanner help for a newbie! Please!

    easy test...does it sound like a drunk donald duck...? or even like hearing CB sideband on a regular radio....? then it is voice inversion (V.I.)