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  1. doctordialtone

    USB Cable died

    You mean USB?
  2. doctordialtone

    Scanner reception

    It depends upon the transmitter power and transmitter antenna height. I have the same scanner and use a Discone about 30 ft up. It's good for about 30 or 40 miles. Yes a yagi would help. Good luck!
  3. doctordialtone

    SDS100 not on Uniden Website?

    Did you even read the posts above? It's not on the front page - it's here:
  4. doctordialtone

    Reloading Database 436HP
  5. doctordialtone

    Scanner Frequencies

    Here it is: Hearing certain frequencies
  6. doctordialtone

    Frequent house to vehicle operation.

    He hasn't been back since he posted. Another case of the missing newbie. :LOL:
  7. doctordialtone

    CLMRN (was CSERN)

    Correct me if I'm wrong. I show DMV Boating and MDC (Metropolitan District Commission)
  8. doctordialtone

    lock out issues on BCD325P2

    Chris, I do the exact same thing on the CT system.
  9. doctordialtone

    800Mhz Upgrade

    As long as there is at least ONE phase one radio affiliated, the system will operate as Phase 1.
  10. doctordialtone

    lock out issues on BCD325P2

    Chances are, you are scanning in "ID Search" mode instead of "ID Scan" mode. Does the display show "ID Search" while scanning? To change modes, press "FN" then "Scan".. This will ensure that you only scan the TGID's you entered.
  11. doctordialtone

    Communal living and 49MHz

    Yes - as a matter of fact it's at the base of my "stack". I used to take it with me on the road and enjoyed literally thousands of hours of enjoyment and most nights fell asleep with it running. I use to have the Air Force 1 frequencies in it and could monitor unsecure phone calls when Bush...
  12. doctordialtone

    Should scrambling be noted on a listing?

    It depends upon the system type and scanner model. Unidens skip over most encryption. You may see a brief "ENC" flash on the display
  13. doctordialtone

    Should scrambling be noted on a listing?

    Nope. As a matter of fact, sometimes it is only on one end of the transmission. Some agencies switch it on and off at will. It can be switched on during an incident or to conceal tactics or details of the incident.
  14. doctordialtone

    New Member in NC

    Great scanner! Welcome to RR. Freescan will help you program your scanner. It's Free! Enjoy!
  15. doctordialtone

    antenna splitter question.

    That looks good but he may want PL-259 connectors.
  16. doctordialtone

    Communal living and 49MHz

    It is. Mine still works fine except the backlight. It has the mods.
  17. doctordialtone

    Owners of BC SC100 Please Verify

    Bob, I think you are misunderstanding. The OP doesn't and hasn't owned the scanner. He is quoting a Buyer from Amazon's review.
  18. doctordialtone

    Phoenix Arizona Area - Police and Fire
  19. doctordialtone

    Having had hi hopes about avoiding big E

    Any answer you get here is going to be complete speculation, unless it is from the vendor or a person who is "in the know". People like to speculate, but the answer is, "You never know". Why not just enjoy it while you are able. The world isn't coming to an end - yet.