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  1. milf

    Is Jonesboro PD Encrypted or Just DMR?

    Thunderbolt set it up years ago. Never been a sub for it . Someone in the area with at least 4 to 6 hours during a day to dedicate to just that system is what's needed to verify it is even online .
  2. milf

    LTE 2 way radios will make commercial LMR systems a thing of the past

    We still have an ancient Nextel Motorola analog TRS here, and one down in MS, that still has a couple of users. The only iDEN systems still in use that I know of though are SoLinc, and AirINC. Not to mention Nextel is still the big license holders for all that old PS bandwidth that is still...
  3. milf

    TNHP Low Band

    All low band equipment is long gone. Primary comms are on TACN, with VTNMA, UTNMA,8TNMA , the nationwide 700/800 Call/Tacs, etc. Just also for reference... In MS, LA, AR, also, State Agencies have all dropped VHF Low Band with extremely few exceptions.
  4. milf

    Long Beach PD

    Make sure you have the DRIVERS for the USB-1 cable installed. Then plug in the cable, and scanner, and go from there. Drivers - Products
  5. milf

    Arkansas River frequencies

    Yeah, all the Mississippi River spots are busy when the river is not wanting to flood, or be too low in drought. At least from St. Louis down to NOLA. Have not monitored above there. And yep, the Ship To Shore phone ones can be interesting sometimes too.
  6. milf

    Long Beach PD

    I forgot to ask if you had the drivers installed firstly before ever plugging in the USB-1 cable.
  7. milf

    Long Beach PD

    Be sure to download and install drivers before plugging the cable in.
  8. milf

    Long Beach PD

    In step 2 Unzip the files you downloaded in Step 1 to your desktop. Then run setup.exe to install the firmware updater. Then do 3
  9. milf

    Long Beach PD

    Did you: 3 Run the BC_VUP3 application you installed in Step 2. Follow all on-screen instructions, selecting the BCD396XT to update and the V1_11_01 version.
  10. milf

    Long Beach PD On the Mark's Scanner stuff its easy to follow step by step. Same for the late UP Man's twiki's, and Bob keeps his instructions on ProScan easy. And I am the reverse of you, born and raised MS, now live in Indy just a bit up from TH.
  11. milf

    Long Beach PD

    BCD396XT is pretty simple using FreeSCAN or ProScan or ARC XT for updataing the DB and programming etc... To update the FW - BCD396XTFirmwareUpdate < UnidenMan4 < TWiki Just a FYI - FreeSCAN, is not being updated, or modified and is currently a dead project. It will still function, but there...
  12. milf

    Arkansas River frequencies

    It would also help if you knew what company is running the barge tugs.
  13. milf

    Database Maintainers

    That depends on how busy the folks in charge are. It could be tomorrow, or a couple of weeks from now.
  14. milf

    Citizen, the real-time crime alerting app, is growing in big cities using Scanners

    And now INDY is live on it... Though now it might get its first challenge with certain members of the State House.... They are still working on getting scanner apps to be either fully legalized or fully banned under the mobile scanner law in effect here. This will bring it to the forefront again.
  15. milf

    Nashville going encrypted

    Knox fire and EMS is still clear. You claim your wanting new gear monitor is based on KFD?
  16. milf

    ProScan: Official Software Thread

    So if that is the case, why when the scanner and software are set for 115200, is there no communication taking place? But once the USB Port settings are upped to 115200 which then matches the software and scanner expected data transferal rates, things work again. Its almost a migraine causing...
  17. milf

    ProScan: Official Software Thread

    I only run one instance currently. When the laptop reboots it resets to 9600 for the port. So I am thinking its something to do with Windows. It started doing this about three updates ago. Maybe some new security thing Windows is doing?
  18. milf

    ProScan: Official Software Thread

    It complains about the com port, and on first basic fix of reset the baud rate, it says the port is in use by this instance but nothing is being fed to the laptop. SO then I do the switch to another port. After the third time this happened I decided its time to see if Bob or anyone has an fix...
  19. milf

    ProScan: Official Software Thread

    Interesting new error maybe.. I use Win10, newest version of ProScan, running on an Dell Lattitude E6500 Machine. Lately every time the machine reboots, its resetting the com port baud rates thus making me have to reset them, and the only way to get this to really work with ProScan, is to...
  20. milf

    Lincoln County DMR?

    No problem