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    What are these licenses?

    One DMR upgrade key enables all of the DMR modes. EDACS ProVoice is digital and is no longer being supported. Unless you have a ProVoice system you want to monitor, it would be a waste of money. Most users are changing to other types of systems. One other upgrade to consider is NXDN if you...
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    HP-2: Home Patrol 2 receives nothing but weather station...

    The database shows that Marion Co and Ocala fire and law enforcement are almost totally encrypted. You will not be able to receive it on any scanner.
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    10888 help please.

    Sounds like you are in firmware update mode. Connect the scanner to the computer. Using EZ Scan, go to the Updates tab and Check for CPU Firmware Update.
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    Newbie seeks trunked talkgroup object in my area.

    The WS1040 will work just fine on a Motorola Type II system. Your system type for Paducah is MOT 800/900.
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    Hickory Public Safety

    From your screenshot, it appears that you are receiving the 856.9375 control channel that is in the database. There are a lot of talkgroups for Catawba County on the VIPER system. There is a patch for Hickory PD but I don't know how often it is active. I suggest that you check with someone on...
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    436HP Not hearing P25 Phase 2 in Wichita Falls, TX

    You are correct Kevin. Wichita Falls PD shows fully encrypted. jimmyahh, you will not be able to monitor that. The County Sheriff TGID 11281 is the only law enforcement on that system open to monitor. You will be able to monitor the Fire Department.
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    SDS100: FL Quick Key

    Quick keys use only numbers so that they can be entered from the keypad and be displayed on the screen in the upper left corner. Instead of using a 2 digit code for each character, you can name a favorites list by selecting the characters using the rotary control on top of the scanner. It is...
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    Hickory Public Safety

    The database does not have all of the frequencies. You may be missing the control channel. Enter these 8 frequencies: 856.4375 856.6375 856.9375 857.4375 857.9375 858.4375 858.9375 859.9375 If you still have problems after entering the frequencies, attach a hpe file of your favorites list and...
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    Programming too many talkgroups in Arc-xt pro

    The 500 ID limit is due to the scanner, not the software. The limit is 500 ID's per group. You can have up to 20 groups in each system. It is better to separate similar talkgroups in separate groups to give you control over what you want to monitor. Were you trying to put all of the...
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    1040- Cant see display.

    There is a contrast setting and the button next to the FUNC button controls the backlight.
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    BCD996P2: Need Help Programming System

    853.8625 is not listed as a frequency for the PG County system. If that is in a large font, the scanner probably found it as a close call frequency. If you see a symbol at the bottom right corner of the scanner screen, close call is turned on. If it is, press the squelch knob a couple of...
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    Help with 996P2 programming

    Sorry about the delay getting back to you. I didn't see any glaring problems. I added a couple of PL tones, changed MOD on everything on the new conventional system from AUTO to NFM, and set AUDIO TYPE on everything to Analog. The 150 and 450 frequencies will sometimes show as FM in the...
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    veanago public safety pa 16323

    Thank you Railbender!
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    BCD325P2: bcd325p2

    If you have the latest version, the upgrades already reside in the firmware of your scanner. You need to purchase a separate key to enable each of the 3 upgrades available. Unless you have an EDACS ProVoice digital system you want to monitor, the ProVoice upgrade would be a waste of money...
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    veanago public safety pa 16323

    I assume the Franklin Co portion of this system is what you want to monitor: South Central Interoperability Network Trunking System, Steelton, Pennsylvania - Scanner Frequencies Police are fully encrypted and cannot be received by any scanner. Fire/EMS and other govt agencies are open to...
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    BCD996P2: Need Help Programming System

    Fire system quick keys are 23 for the South site and 24 for the North site. Just press the decimal point and then 2 and then 3. That turns off the South site of Fire. Press the decimal point and then 2 and then 4. That turns off the North site of Fire. When you turn off both sites, Fire...
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    BCD996P2: Need Help Programming System

    I already have files for PG Co Fire and PD. Save the attached zipped file to your computer and extract. Open the extracted file with FreeSCAN and Upload Programming. PG Fire South site is on system quick key 23. North site is 24. PG PD South site is 33. North site is 34.
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    Nothing to scan

    In your profile in Sentinel, if you are downloading from the database, check the box for Monitor Full Database. If loading favorites lists, turn on Download and Monitor for each favorites list.
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    New to Digital Scanners - FreeScan Help

    On the Trunked System Setup screen, change from ID Search to ID Scan. If in ID Search, the scanner will receive every talkgroup in the system instead of only the talkgroup ID's you entered in the groups.