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    MHP Troop J, Hattiesburg was off and on encrypted on Thursday morning.
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    Official 2015 MSWIN TG ID Thread

    AAA and Rescue 7 Update below is incorrect. "Added Talkgroup 60000 Forrest General Hospital - Rescue 7 Helicopter Operations" TalkGroup 60000 is AAA Ambulance Service & Rescue 7. Not...Forrest General Hospital. Rescue 7 is now operated by a private helicopter company. Med-Trans Corp. "A new...
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    Hattiesburg Area Towers Finally got Pro96 up and running. Nice program. West Hattiesburg FileVersion:8 -TowerInfo #This section is here for information only. With the exception #of the Call Sign(s), This data is not Read back into the program at all. System ID : 2AD System Name...
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    Official MSWIN TGID 2014 Thread.

    Just a quick note of some of the MSWIN Agencies that I have heard on the system. Lee County Shannon PD Rolling Fork PD Sharkey SO Warren Central Warren SO All of these were heard on State Special Events Common channels. Start up or GoLive channels.
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    Official MSWIN TGID 2014 Thread.

    Excel is the fastest way to set up a new Talk group list, by far.
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    Forrest County Upgrade Actually, the address is the only error that I see. The original license for the first two towers was WNSK507. The Forrest General tower was added to fill the gap in coverage in the NE part of Forrest County and provide in building coverage for FGH and USM handheld...
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    Forrest County As best I understand. Your synopsis is correct. Some if not most of the Law Dispatch use FGH Tower also. I have seen the sites switch while txmitting. Will try to isolate the channels per tower this weekend. It's fun playing catch up. Ha!
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    Attenuator on PSR800

    Attenuator on 800 Mhz Could the cellular antenna panels act as a passive reflector to the discone due to the close proximity? Similar to a full length mirror reflecting light. Just my thoughts. That's a whole lot of radiated power to be placed on an apartment roof. Even if only 5% is...
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    Sumrall May 6th,2013

    Something breaking in Sumrall. MHP advised all of the Troop J units that the subject was armed and dangerous. Very short time later MHP advised for all Troop J units to go to Sumrall. Lamar County now advising they have two subjects in custody at 2120 local time. MHP is also advising subjects...
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    EZscan Help

    On the front page of EZ scan go to the lower right corner and select the "Set Location" drop down box. Turn it ON. Now you can go to the Library Import Tab and the Zip Code and other parameters should be there.
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    Explosion of Fertilizer Plant, West, Texas

    By ANFO are you referring to Ammonium Nitrate Fuel Oil (Diesel) Mixture? I believe the plant in West was using Anhydrous Ammonia. Which becomes a real large problem quickly when mixed with water. My chemistry is weak. But I seem to recall it makes Ammonium Hydroxide, which is volatile and highly...
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    PSR-800 SAME Weather Alert

    Thanks DonS. I have used the SAME alerts since day 2 of owning my PSR800. Love the ability to scan and get the Wx Alerts at the same time. No Pun Intended. This morning about 11 AM the local NWS office set off their weekly test. While I was simply scanning the Statewide system the 1050hz tone...
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    Latest library version update

    It's 9:43 PM Sunday and I'm still seeing version 177 as the latest. 23 Feb 13. So there must be a database or server problem. Then there is always the HI problem, human interface. Ha!
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    deleted by user
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    programming GRE psr-800

    If you are able to connect your scanner to your computer. Go back through the frequency lists and undo all of the "Lockouts". It is much better to use the "Skip" parameter than the "Lockout", as Skip can be undone/ reversed by going to your "Browse Objects" menu and either selecting the "skip'...
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    Mobile Antennas (Flexible Rubber)

    I've discovered three things that I wanted to pass along. I've had the PSR800 for about a month now and I love it. I grew up on radio shack and uniden scanners and the learning curve is moderately hard with the PSR800. 1) Don't lock out all of the distant towers on your local 700 or 800 Mhz...
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    New PSR-800 User Trying to Tweak P25 Setting

    I have a similar situation here with the MSWIN statewide system. I am surrounded by 4 tower sites at +15 miles. A second ring of towers at +30 miles. I locked out all of the 145 towers in Mississippi but the 8 closest towers. 4 for home use and the second ring for mobile use. No problems so far...
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    programming GRE psr-800

    The two frequencies that you are seeing may be the Control Channels for the System. Two channels can carry a good bit of data. My thoughts.
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    PSR800 help please

    Go to your Conventional Frequencies tab. In the upper right side bar is a "New" button. Click the button. You now have a blue highlighted line in which you can enter a new frequency. Be sure that you check the "scanlist" field and place it in the right scanlist. Hit "Enter" when you are finished.
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    Forrrest County to buy P-25 System

    One of the more knowledgeable radio techs told me that the older 'brick' MTX 2000 series handhelds will have to be replaced. The STX series and later can be programmed to work in the 700 Mhz range. As can some of the tower hardware. It makes sense to add the Forrest SMR sites into the MSWIN...