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    CP200d help

    No. Perform the upgrade and you should be done. TT
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    Interference with MotoTrbo on MTR3000 VHF

    Use RDAC program and click Read RSSI. You will want to keep clicking it many times and keeping an idea of the noise floor where there is no one talking on either slot. Once that is done, do the same thing but instead have a user key up a specific slot, preferably a good distance from the RF...
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    Interference with MotoTrbo on MTR3000 VHF

    Change repeater to -50 for testing. I typically set it around -80 for production. Make sure radios are set to polite or always (but the fact that you are getting a bonk when the repeater does not answer the subscriber indicates RF issue like improper RSSI threshold, high rf site noise, mis-tuned...
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    Fire/ Forest Departments and BK radios....

    BK for forestry is because that has been the standard for a long time, with programming, mics, batteries,and cloning cables being fairly standard. For TSA it came down to price. TT
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    Interference with MotoTrbo on MTR3000 VHF

    Another thing is to check the repeater programming, specifically the channel RSSI threshold. If it is set to anything weaker than -80 (like -90 or -100), the repeater may be disabling itself due to rf noise (real or imagined). Additionally,the handhelds may be programmed for what is called...
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    Florida fleet talk Pinellas site

    I was 3 for 3 of the shops around Tampa Bay. There may be people who are not doing it, but I have not come across them yet. In my new role of traveling the world assessing local radio shops with problem radio systems, it is just more of the same. TT
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    Florida fleet talk Pinellas site

    Very few clean channels available for use. Frequencies are a finite resource and there is significant demand for more frequencies all the time. The shops I worked at would deploy equipment on frequencies they knew were in use. They were hoping to drive the other users off the air. The plan is...
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    Florida fleet talk Pinellas site

    454 frequencies are relatively free of co-channel users due to many of them having been reserved for paging and recently auctioned off in blocks over specific geographic areas (called economic area). In the normal 450 and 460 spectrum, you are often fighting other users on the same frequencies...
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    Florida fleet talk Pinellas site

    But they are so clean...... TT
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    CHP going digital on low band??

    NXDN on lowband? Sweet! And I dont even like NXDN....... TT
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    Florida fleet talk Pinellas site

    Also, many of the frequencies are from 454 Mhz auctions (and some T-Band as well) where the actual licensing is not easy to search. TT
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    RFI Generated by Chevy Colorado Trucks

    Time to get a spectrum analyzer (or SDR) and a loop antenna and go hunting.......... is it worse with engine on/off? Does it get better with key off or does it get better after 1-30 minutes of truck being off? Disable all of the aftermarket stuff and test. Keep in mind that truck off and cold is...
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    Cartel communications?

    There are several videos on YouTube where the Cartels are shooting it out with each other or law enforcement and you see a video of a guy holding a Mototrbo radio decoding Cartel audio. These radios often have the contact groups populated, which indicates it is a legit radio and not someone who...
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    VHF not effective while UHF is

    Crossband frs to murs so the radio police will withdraw the warrant for your arrest. I have done several setups like these and typically issues are: fake Nagoya antennas that are not resonant, bad cable/connectors, non resonant base antenna, and crappy specs on the crossband repeater, etc. FB
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    XPR7550e receiving interruption with Hytera repeater

    Sounds like the Moto or Hytera needs service (alignment). I would seek a competent dealer for each of those to ask for the radio to be aligned. My bet would be a Moto dealer would be easier to find. TT
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    Motorola-State of Florida contract in jeopardy?

    GEsucks, I am not familiar with what you are asking..... Can you elaborate? TT
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    XPR7550e receiving interruption with Hytera repeater

    My money is either the Hytera or the Motorola are on the edge of specs. Do you have another radio to test the repeater with? TT
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    Help with XPR3500e

    Agree with the speaker mic. A while ago, I would get about 20-30 SL-7550 a week back from the Depot that would be fine in digital simplex, but not work through a digital repeater. Turns out they were blasting the wrong TANAPA into the radios at one specific repair line in the Depot. Took a few...
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    Beta Testers Wanted: Call Ingest Project

    Nice project. I can see an interesting traffic analysis use case related to enumerating users who are on encrypted talkgroups. TT